Who Is Your Current Anime Crush? 

Published September 18, 2015 by Shay Taree

Trust me I know that having a crush on a animated character who is not real is kind of strange but hey it happens. 

So today’s question is fairly simple and that’s who is your current anime crush? Also you don’t have to choose just one because trust me I have multiple ones haha. But mine are:

Kagami from Kuroko’s Basketball

Kuroko from Kuroko’s Basketball

Decim from Death Parade

& Sesshomaru from Inuyasha

So who are your current anime crushes. Comment down below on who yours are and feel free to comment on mine. I can’t wait to read your comments.

Also I will have a new YouTube video out tomorrow so look out for it. 

~Anime Reviewer Girl!

35 comments on “Who Is Your Current Anime Crush? 

  • Well this is gonna be a long list.

    Revy from Black Lagoon
    Mai Valentine from Yugioh
    Esdeath from Akame Ga Kill
    Saeko Bushima from Highschool of the Dead
    Rias Gremory along with Akeno, Xenovia, Koneko and Rosswiess from Highschool DxD
    Satellizer L Bridget and Elilzabeth Malbry from Freezing
    Tsukiumi, Kazehana, Musubi and Akitsu from Sekirei
    Larua Bodevig from Infinite Stratos
    Hitsugi from Triage X
    Juvia, Flare and Erza from Fairy Tail
    Clare from Claymore

    And now I am done *ahem*

  • I think I have too many but my current favourites are all from sports anime – Nishinoya and Kageyama from Haikyuu! and Kuroko, Kise, Aomine and Akashi from Kuroko no Basket ^^

  • There’s going to be an all out brawl at the basketball court for your heart.

    My current crushes are Kurisu (Steins;Gate) and Nene (Bubblegum Crisis.)

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