10 comments on “Anime Fan: Expectations, Reality, & Stereotypes!

  • Interesting topic. I don’t comment on YouTube but I will say this here. I like anime a lot but some people who see me think I may not look like as if I am. My family knows I like anime and they don’t mind it. Just for fun, they tease me thinking that I will marry an Asian girl as a wife just because I like anime and sushi XD. Overall, I like this video you made. Keep it up 🙂

    • Thank you so much! Like I said before I also get the same that people don’t feel I look like an anime fan. But some of my family members know I like it and don’t mind it. I also get the my family thinks in going to marry an Asian guy since I like anime and the Asian culture.

      • You’re welcome. Same here haha. My family don’t mind it and they think it’s a hobby I enjoy. Sometimes my parents joke around with me when want me to help them understand a Chinese or Japanese dialogue. I am like “I don’t know, I didn’t study Japanese language. I barely passed Spanish” XD.

      • Lol that’s kind of my family too or they ask me if I’ve see a certain show that is animated and I’m like I haven’t seen every since animated show.

      • Wow you too. They usually ask me when they are watching a live action movie. They usually look at me and expect me to know. It is pretty ironic. I like anime and Japanese culture but I don’t speak and fully understand the language. Lol

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