Kare First Love Manga Review!

Published September 23, 2015 by Shay Taree

Alright so I finished another manga and it was Kare First Love and I actually enjoyed it! It felt like so many anime’s that I’ve seen all rolled into one neat but slightly disfunctional package.

I also have a YouTube video with my review on the manga as well so check it out. 

Here’s what the manga was about: “Coy and self-conscious high school student Karin Karino never paid much attention to boys until she met Kiriya, a popular student from a nearby boys’ school. Karin and Kiriya embark on a romantic journey despite Karin’s classmate Yuka’s best efforts to sabotage their relationship, but Karin soon learns that living happily ever after isn’t on the curriculum when she becomes Kiriya’s center of attention, as well as embittered Yuka’s bull’s-eye on her dartboard of hate.”

The manga at first glance reminded me very much Peach Girl but then as I started to read more I noticed other anime’s that had the same element. These included Paradise Kiss, Ao Haru Ride, and Say I Love You. Now noticing this didn’t hurt the manga in any way it actually made me like it more.

Now what I did like about the manga was that it was a fairly easy story to get into and it had many types of drama. It had family drama, couples drama, and friendship drama. While it did have some of the same elements that many shoujo manga have it was still enjoyable to read. 

The art in the manga I also very much enjoyed since it was easy to follow along with all the chat bubbles and I didn’t feel like I didn’t know which one to start with. Plus you could tell that the guys where drawn to show how handsome they could be and also how a good majority of the girls were very pretty.

The only thing I didn’t like about the manga was that I thought that Yuka (Karin’s friend/enemy) was going to be a big part of the manga but to be honest after the beginning she wasn’t really in it. She would show up every now and then but not too much and she didn’t cause to much havoc. Then once it got to the end of the manga she was pretty much nonexistent. 

But overall I did enjoy the manga and I give it a solid 7/10. I enjoyed since the ups and downs of the relationship even though it was a bit much. Also I did like how Yuka wasn’t solidly apart of the series like you originally thought. But if you like shoujo manga I think you would enjoy it. So check it out!

~Anime Reviewer Girl


18 comments on “Kare First Love Manga Review!

  • Viz’s handling of this manga was terrible. (#`д´)ノ What an awful translation.

    I always miss Karin’s angry thoughts after the first volume.

    I love Miyasaka’s art. I do hope Akai Ito gets picked up. I haven’t finished it yet, but I think I like Akai Ito better than Kare First Love.

    • Oh wow! I didn’t know that Viz was doing the translating. I was reading the manga on an app I have on my phone. But maybe I will read Akai Ito next.

      • They released it like 10 years ago but it’s still available new/used and digitally. They changed a lot of lines, and even screwed up things like the fact Aoi is the guy’s first name while Kiriya is the last name. Plus the font is horrible.

        Hope you like Akai Ito! The manga was just finished in Japan.

      • Oh okay yeah I didn’t read Viz’s version. I think I read a scanlations translations. But yes I will definitely check it out.

  • I had read this a long, long time ago, and though I liked it , there was a part in the story that disturbed and troubled me. Actually, 2 parts… The first one was when they broke up at one point in the story. I was disturbed that it was so easy for Kiriya to get a girl and have sex with her. Maybe it’s me, but it would hurt me too much to imagine t the guy I love making love with a girl. I know that Kiriya was no virgin, in fact he was a player before he met Karin, but to just do it the moment he was ” free ” was quite disturbing . What would he feel if Karin went to a bar, and casually went with a guy and slept with him ? Men who are like that are most likely going to do it again. That’s the way he is. Even if he’s married, he’ll most likely go with his buddies and drink ( like most Japanese males ) at some point in their marriage, meet an attractive girl who’s making a move on him too ( take note: he’s hot ) and end up sleeping with her.

    The second disturbing part is the fact that he’s family is filthy rich, and he’s the only son. Is it believable that he’d forgo all those riches , and choose to be a photographer ?

    This is the same author of Bokutachi shitte Shimatta ( not sure of the title …) and I like this one better, although at one point, the main guy turns into a big jerk, but he is not a player.

    • Yeah that is true. But he actually didn’t sleep with the girl. He did kiss her though which was wrong on his part. But he also felt bad about it in the end. As far as the photography part is concerned. I could kind of see that happening although that is a bit unrealistic. But I think since he was influenced by his big brother is what made it a little bit more realistic.
      I’m noticing that she has a lot of other titles that people like and I will definitely try and check this one out.

      • Yes, he didn’t get to sleep with the girl, not because he didn’t want to….. I forgot what happened that he had to leave the girl… he got an emergency call ? I’ve even forgotten why they broke up. But I remember getting totally upset that he would even do that, in the first place. Their break-up was like, just a few days since, and already, he wanted to bang another girl.

      • Yeah I got upset at the moment too! But yeah he got a call that Karin was missing I think. But yes that was very stupid on his part.

  • Brilliant reviews 😀 I haven’t had a chance to read your things recently and now you have inspired with how you have done this post for a post I want to write up now 🙂

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