Attack On Titan Live Action Movie Review Part 1

Published October 7, 2015 by Shay Taree

So I went and saw the Attack On Titan live action movie and I’m not going to lie I definitely didn’t like it. They definitely changed for me the plot of the show in general, the characters personalities, & also left out a fan favorite character. 
Also check out my YouTube video video on the movie as well.
So the one thing that I definitely noticed is that they tried to bring more romance into the show. They definitely wanted to make it seem like there was a romance going on between Mikasa and Eren. It’s like in some ways the Titans was just a sub plot around the romance and tension between Mikasa & Eren. 
Also Eren and Mikasa’s personalities were very different then how they were in the anime. Eren in the movie very much tried to act like the hero the entire time and like he was the protector but in reality the one protecting him and trying to watch over him was Mikasa. Eren wanted to act like he was all tough when in reality he wasn’t but everyone knew that he could be.

Mikasa also very much came off in the beginning of the 1st movie like the girl that needed to be protected. 

She didn’t appear strong until you saw her in the military. 

Now for the character that everyone knows and loves which is Levi. Well he is not in the movie. I’m not going to lie when I found this out I was shocked. Levi may not be my favorite character but even I know that here are many people who love Levi so to me it’s stupid why they wouldn’t include him in the movie. 
The romance scenes in the movie also did not come off well. They were very very awkward. The romance scenes to be honest for me took away from the film and didn’t add to the story line in any way.
Overall though I did not enjoy the movie but I do plan to watch Part 2 just to see how the movie ends so look out for a part 2 of this review. Comment down below on whether or not you will see the live action Attack On Titan or if you have seen it let me know what you thought of it. 
~Anime Reviewer Girl!


9 comments on “Attack On Titan Live Action Movie Review Part 1

  • Levi wasn’t my favorite character either but it sucks that he wasn’t in the movie. As one of the most badass characters who survives I thought they would at least show some of him but, I guess not… Also thought this live action adaption would be better than the others. Hoped it wouldn’t be the travesty that was ‘DB Evolution’ or ‘The Last Airbender’

    • Yeah I thought it was going to be good too since Hollywood didn’t get a hold of it. But I was definitely wrong. Also to leave Levi out was just plain wrong.

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