What If Disney Got The Rights To An Anime?

Published October 9, 2015 by Shay Taree

So since I was in Disneyland for a few days that made me really think about what if Disney got the rights to an anime. 
I know that a lot of other companies have gotten the rights to animes and have either dubbed them or made them into movies. But what anime’s that have already been made would you not mind if Disney had of gotten the rights to it. 
The only anime that I can think of is Sailor Moon and that’s mostly because Disney at least to me has done the Princess thing quite well. But they also need much stronger female characters. At least to me they do. Also since Disney is mainly known for their princesses (and Mickey Mouse) it would fit right into what they have usually done. 

But if Disney went with an action series I could see them going with either Dragon Ball Z 

or Yu Yu Hakusho. 

Just because while they both had action in them they also had some really great funny moments and great character development.

But what do you think? Comment down below with your opinion on this topic! I can’t wait to read it! 

~Anime Reviewer Girl!


34 comments on “What If Disney Got The Rights To An Anime?

  • That’s a really great concept! I would love to watch what disney would do differently if they got the rights to an anime; I think Sailor moon would just end up being exactly the same though :p But imagine if they had something like DBZ! Even if it was just a movie I would love to see how they’d do it!

  • I could definitely see Disney getting Sailor Moon because of the whole princess thing. I think if they were to get more action anime they would go with DBZ Kai because Kai removes most of the blood and gore from he original DBZ, making it more kid-friendly. That makes it a perfect fit for Disney. I think Disney would do the same with Yu-yu hakusho: take out all the bloody violence and death scenes and replace them with something else.

  • Nice picture you used. I would say Sword Art Online and Clannad. Specifically in SAO, it would be interesting to see Disney do their version of ALFeim Online and the fairy gameplay. Clannad, could also be suitable because it is not that much inappropriate like other anime and Disney films can pull heartstrings on some people. The idea of these two together seem like a match.

  • Hmm, maybe Kirarin Revolution? No princesses, but a lot of singing and a very prominent mascot/sidekick. There’s Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch too, but I think Kirarin Revolution would be more Disney-like.

    That reminds me, I’m surprised Disney didn’t do more with Kirara Princess, but I guess Sophia the First is kind of like it.

  • I know Disney has shown Dorremon I think the last two summers on one of their side channels, they themselves do not have the right. But they do have a Lilo and Stitch anime that takes place a long time after the series. They even gave it a dub too. Other than that I cannot really picture Disney getting an anime, unless of course they edit it like crazy to the point were it is just completely Americanized.

  • I don’t want Disney to redo any animes. They will definitely change the story to fit their theme of wholesomeness and living happily ever after. But promoting or publishing animes are alright. Disney has all the resources to make a good anime popular in the US.

  • I would rather Disney not “redo” a beloved anime.

    There are enough stories/legends in Japanese history and mythology to create a new movie/story. Of course Disney would take a few liberties with the stories.

    How about an animated “47 Ronin”? … only this time Disney could give it a “happy, ending”?

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