Is Being A Nerd/Geek Now Trendy

Published October 12, 2015 by Shay Taree

Now some people may get mad since I’m using the term nerd or geek but hey I don’t mind the term and I definitely embrace my nerd or geek side.

But the reason why I thought of this topic is because I saw the coverage of New York Comic Con on TV and it got me thinking that things have now changed with how geeky or nerdy things are viewed.

Yeah there are some things that could change in this realm like anime being more mainstream but I feel like everyone is try to be nerdy or geeky. I guess I notice it with the fashions that are now out and also with the glasses that are now in trend.

I kind of think it’s awesome that people are embracing things that are geeky or nerdy but I still find it strange that all of sudden it’s kind of in trend to be nerdy. 

But what do you guys think of this or have you noticed that being geeky or nerdy is now a trend. Comment down below with what you think. I can’t wait to read you comments. 

~Anime Reviewer Girl!


23 comments on “Is Being A Nerd/Geek Now Trendy

  • It’s trendy now to act like a nerd in order to make others think you’re different. Even tho’ suddenly everyone’s liking the same stuff. It didn’t bother me at first, but recently a taxi driver was trying to make small talk and he asked me if my glasses are real or if I’m a hipster. Srsly, dude. I’m half blind. I might just take off my glasses, punch you in the face and pretend I’d mistaken you for a thrash can.

  • T_o I don’t really think nerds and geeks are that popular in reality (out side of clothing/style).

    When ever I start talking about the breeding/birthing habits of insects people still walk away from me. XD makes me laugh how my college English Tutor said I had the gift of the gab (Guess the universe has to be balanced out somehow).

  • I guess it’s kinda cool,but at the same time it’s annoying. Like when I was at the Party City looking around,I saw a Nerd/Geek costume with the button up shirt,the name tag,those stupid buck teeth,and a curly red Afro. COME ON! Also since it’s trendy to be a geek or nerd of course they have to come out with all kinds quote on quote ‘sexy’ nerd and geek costumes! But hey,that’s costumes. But I guess the whole big and thick frame glasses trend annoys me too. ‘Cause when I went with my grandma to get my glasses she asked one of the employees what the trend was. She said “Big and thick like this” as she pointed to her own glasses. I stood there smiling sweetly,but in my mind I was like ‘Yah,OK. That doesn’t help me because that’s gonna look so stupid on me’. SO I guess I really don’t care much for it.

  • Actually this kind of reminded me of this scene in Big Bang Theory, Leonard and Penny are in a Cafe and Penny starts flirting with this (really attractive) guy who wear thick framed glasses and a Superhero shirt and Leonard (who has been wearing the exact same thing throughout the entire series) stands there in disbelief. I can’t quite remember what happens after, but from memory Leonard calls her up on it and she says something like it looks better on him because “he’s wearing it ironically”

    So I think rather than actual ‘Geek/Nerd’ culture being more accepted it’s more that the fashion surrounding it has grown – particularly with Hipster culture (as Ruki mentioned)

    But in saying that I have noticed increased coverage of some of the conventions over here in Australia in mainstream media, and also even really tiny bookshops seem to always stock some Manga. It could be that it’s just becoming so popular it’s impossible to ignore now 😛

  • I don’t agree with people faking they are a geek or nerd when they aren’t really, I have met so many people like that and has rang my head in. Nerd or geek I have been called and but never seen it as a bad compliment I think for others if said in the wrong tone or way then it can be hurtful.

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