What Anime’s Would You Show Your Kids?

Published October 26, 2015 by Shay Taree

So for those of you have kids or even though who don’t I was wondering what anime you would show your kids to introduce them to anime?
Now I got the idea for this topic because I saw the same topic in the MAL forums and it got me to thinking. 

I think that when I have kids I would probably show them the anime’s that I liked as a kid that got me interested in anime. So that would be anime’s like Sailor Moon, 

Dragon Ball Z, 

& also possibly Yu Yu Hakusho.

But what about everyone else? What anime would show your kids if or when you have them? Comment down below your answers I can’t wait to read them.

~Anime Reviewer Girl!

28 comments on “What Anime’s Would You Show Your Kids?

  • To me it really would depend on their age. This is an interesting view. I don’t have kids but this is what I would do.
    Personally if they were old enough to actually watch and read subtitles and could stand that, I would give the younger one, more than likely a daughter for this case, to watch PreCure. Sailor Moon I could agree with. Dragon Ball would be a tricky one. If they can tell what is fiction and reality and that people do not fight like they do, then I would show them that.
    Now, I think it really depends how old they are for some shows. Would I watch High School DXD with a teenage son, probably not. Would I want to know they are watching it, probably not.
    Some series, like shonen or ones that are typically aimed at the younger audience, sure why not. Would I show them something dark like Psycho Pass, not when they are young. It really depends what you seen and what you would label as alright.

  • To kids huh. Here is my top 5 on which I think it’s suitable if I do get children:
    1. Dragon Ball Z
    2. Pokemon
    3. Clannad (and After Story)
    4. Naruto (and Shippuden)
    5. Sailor Moon (if I only have daughters)

  • Some shows that I really liked growing up:

    One Piece
    Sailor Moon
    The Prince of Tennis

    and more, but I would definitely suggest those shows to my future kids cause I loved them. If I were to add more, I think Fairy Tail would be really fun as well, and also Bobobo-Bo Bo-bobo cause it’s Bobobo-Bo Bo-bobo. Toonami in general was just really great for me as a kid.

  • Id let them watch Pokémon and Sailor Moon… I did watch them when I was young, albeit sporadically. I was more into Disney flms. I watched Beauty and the Beast a million times. I know all the songs by heart. Plus, we have a complete collection of all Disney Cartoons which I had also watched several times over as a kid.

  • Ghibli films, Pokemon, Wolf Children (so they learn early on to respect thine mother!), A Lull in the Sea, and Maybe Ranma 1/2 just because I grew up with a few episodes of it. The first season of Dragonball and Sailor Moon in general are great picks, too!

  • OMG! This is like the best question yet! I think about what kind of things I will do with my kids if I ever have some. I will definitely show them all the Studio Ghibli movies I have ever watched and will watch,NEVER Mew Mew Power in a thousand years! If they have enough patience,Kaleido Star,maybe Lupin the Third The Movie. They’ll probably get in to Pokemon by themselves ’cause other kids. (the show that never ends T-T),possibly Azu Manga Dio,and the Prettier. Maybe at the age of twelve Inu Yasha and Cowboy Bebop. Yah!

  • I don’t have children, but if I did I probably would show them the ones on your list + a few others. I watched my first anime at 4, and it was fullmetal alchemist, which I for sure would not be showing my children.

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