Favorite Horror Anime?

Published October 30, 2015 by Shay Taree

So since its almost Halloween I would like to know what is your favorite horror anime?

I don’t believe I’ve seen any horror anime’s but one anime that was definitely kind of creepy that I liked was the anime Another. 

It wasn’t really scary but it was definitely an anime that had a mystery behind it and it also got pretty violent towards the end. 

But what horror anime’s have you seen and really liked? I would love to know. So comment down below and I can’t wait to read your answers. 

~Anime Reviewer Girl! 

31 comments on “Favorite Horror Anime?

      • A lot of people could not take it, and it is understandable.

        This would be an example of an anime that showed me something I had not seen before.

        Difficult themes. Someday I will direct the live action version
        : )

      • That’s just one ” story. It comprises of so many stories brought on by one phone call to a sweet , young girl who fulfills what they want done… usually a revenge. They can find the website ( and the phone # on the Internet which appears at midnight , then disappears ) What’s so ceepy about this is they have to promise their soul to the devil when they die. The problem also is some of the people’s wishes are unnecessary and trivial, and it’s only at the heat of the moment thet they do what they do. There’s no turning back . Likke that girl who was dumped by her boyfriend. Just move on, y’know.

  • I find Hell Girl pretty creepy. No there’s nothing ” horror” about it…. just creepy. Its not on Netflix nor Hulu, but we have a copy of this at home. ” Ai, there’s a phone call for you.” ” shivers”

  • You can never look at an umbrella the same way after Another. Gore is more funny than scary so can’t watch a lot of horror anime seriously. I would recommend something like school-live. Don’t look it up just watch the first episode, the full episode! Nice post :p

  • T-T I don’t get around much with anime anymore ’cause there’s no time to visit any place that sells it and I’m low on money. But if music videos count (which they probably don’t)Then I’d say ‘Alice Of Human Sacrifice’ That’s a pretty um,..something one. I would say ‘Dark Wood Circus’,but that made me more sad then scared.

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