The Term Otaku?!

Published November 2, 2015 by Shay Taree

So for today I decided to touch on the topic of the term otaku and how others feel about it. 
For those of you who don’t know otaku means someone who has obsessive interests. But it is mostly used when talking about anime or manga. 

I understand that otaku is mostly associated with an negative term but I’ve noticed that the term is changing. Now while it can be negative I’ve seen it used in ways that don’t have a negative connotation and also that many people seem to embrace it. 

I think it’s very similar to how many people look at the term geek or nerd. While before it was a bad thing to be called now many people want to be called that. Plus the clothes that many people feel that geeks or nerds wear is now trendy. 

Also with the research that I’ve done on the term is actually used to refer to anyone that is obsessed with any particular form of entertainment. Not just anime! Which was interesting for me to read considering that’s mostly the context that I’ve heard it used to describe. 

I also feel that everyone has an otaku moment. While it may not be all the time but if you have two people or more who meet and they like the same thing they are going to have an otaku moment. 

I guess overall I don’t mind the term since we all have an otaku moment. Plus considering that the term is being used in a slightly more positive light it doesn’t have the sting that it used to have. 

So what do you think of the term otaku? Do you think the term has changed? Also do you think everyone has an otaku moment? Comment down below and let me know!

~Anime Reviewer Girl!

21 comments on “The Term Otaku?!

  • I love being called an otaku, ’cause I think it really marks who I am, that I am different and that makes me happy and proud. Pls do a vid on why do people like catgirls or nekos, I’ll do a post if I have time

    • Yup! I think being an Otaku marks who I am although in a way I kind of don’t like the term. I mean why can’t I just be a fan. But as for the video I will definitely think about it. I do like the topic too!

  • I don’t mind being called an otaku, well, because it’s a normal term here if you’re into anime,gaming, etc., many people here doesn’t really mind being called an otaku.
    I agree with you, the term is slowly changing and it’s slowly getting accepted by the community.
    Yes, I think everyone has an otaku moment, especially when you’re with a group of friends who likes the same stuff as you.

  • I have no shame in saying I’m an otaku. Yeah it was considered negative when I first heard about it (around middle school I think) but people will always bring up the negative about anything, so I didn’t care. For me I thought otaku only referred to anime, manga, and maybe video games. I collected the figurines, had posters, read manga, watched anime on a weekly basis, and played anime-related video games for the most part. And if I had the money, I’d go all-out anime character once a month lol.

  • I don’t usually say I am a Otaku but I am not to afraid to admit I love anime. I feel like it means a geek for anime fans in the same way as you call a Star Trek fan a Trekkie.

  • I’ve never herd Otaku being used negatively. But I love that people love it now that I know that people used to hate it! And I’m proud to be an Otaku! I’ve been one since I don’t even know how long.

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