Anime You Wish Your Life Was Like?

Published November 9, 2015 by Shay Taree

Yes you definitely read the title correctly. What anime do you wish your life was like?

I know that all of us have at one time or another wondered how our lives would be different if they were like our favorite anime’s. I know that I definitely have. 

I think if I had to choose I would of course say Sailor Moon or Pokemon. Sailor moon 

because I think it would be fun but stressful to have to save the world. But I also would love to be a princess. Having a group of friends to help you along the way would also be fun too. 

Now when it comes to Pokemon 

I would love if my life were like that because who wouldn’t want their own Pokemon. I would love to have my very own Pikachu. Plus being able to travel would be amazing!

But what anime would you love your life to be like. Comment down below with your answers! I can’t wait to read them and answer you back! 

~Anime Reviewer Girl! 


23 comments on “Anime You Wish Your Life Was Like?

  • Nice choices. I would like to live in the Pokemon world as well; it would be awesome to meet Pokemon and have real life battles. I want my life to be either like Durarara!! or Accel World. In Durarara!!, everyday something strange would happen in my life and I might have some Russian Sushi but I might get attacked by gangs. In Accel World, I would like to have a Neurolinker. I would be able to read emails or browse through the web without my phone and it will be around my neck so it won’t fall off. If I had cable to the devices, I would be able to link to someone and talk to theme privately without moving my lips.

  • Pokemon for sure! Just traveling around with my partner Squirtle, fighting all sorts of trainers. I wouldn’t mind being in Tenchi Universe, living with 6 hot alien girls and getting into space battles every now and then. It’s kinda chaotic but still awesome. In Zoids: New Century Zero I’d be in my own customized Zoid taking out the other teams in a fierce battle royal. Playing the game is one thing but, piloting it in real life is even better. The adrenaline rush would be amazing. Not to mention the huge amount of prize money for the winning team.

  • well…If you asked me awhile back I would definitely say Pokemon,but times are a changin’. Now I would probably pick Tokyo Mew Mew or Inu Yasha.(Hopefully I’d be witty enough and quick enough to survive…T-T

  • Imagine leaving your front porch at age 10 to discover the world in all of its glory – a world, for the most part, void of crime, murder, and nasty politics. You’d be able to connect with nature at such a young age and live life befriending all kinds of strange yet wonderful creatures. That’s how this world ought to be, ya know? Such is the life of a Pokemon trainer!

  • I would love to live in a slice-of-life world where school is actually fun… I think Sabagebu! would be a fun life to live, because you basically get to play airsoft all the time… YuruYuri would be cool too because it means I could potentially have purple or pink hair haha!

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