Anime Cosplay!

Published November 16, 2015 by Shay Taree

So I personally have never cosplayed although I have thought about it. But I overall find cosplaying to be so interesting and such a creative aspect. 

Even if someone buys their costume online I think it is still amazing because you get to dress up as either your favorite character or a character that is similar to you. 

But for those that make their costumes that is something entirely different. There is so much that goes into it such as the planning the supplies and also the time. In the end a majority of the time a wonderful and amazing costume has been made. 

I actually know a few people who cosplay a lot and I always look forward to seeing what new costumes they come out with. 

But overall that is my opinion or outlook on anime cosplaying. What does everyone else think? Comment down below and I can’t wait to read your comments.

~Anime Reviewer Girl! 


13 comments on “Anime Cosplay!

  • I love cosplay 🙂
    Me personally, I am an avid crossplayer, playing a variety on female characters. My last two, Renamon (Digimon Tamers) and Celty (Durarara!) went down really well too. I was particularly happy with Renamon because she was my first crack at a fursuit and my machine broke, so I ended up having to hand stitch the whole thing :-s
    If you wanna see them, there are some pics linked on 🙂

  • My younger son and I have cosplayed. I have done Yugo Tennoji (Steins Gate) and Kensei Ma (Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple). My son has done Kululu (Sgt. Frog). Yugo was easy and took little preparation to do (except growing out my beard). Kensei was trickier. I had someone sew the outfit and had to work out the mustache and eyebrows. I made the headpiece for my son’s Kululu and that took quite a while to do with no real idea of what I was doing, but it turned out pretty well.
    Cosplaying can be a fun experience. It was really great for my son. He got a lot of attention, compliments, and pictures taken.

  • Toats Magoats! I have always had a liking of the idea of looking like some anime character. IN FACT,when I was little I dressed up as Mew Ichigo for Halloween one year+I used to wish on stars that one day I’d magically look just like her. :p And know my Friend xXTheForgottenProxieXx has recently gotten into Death Note and has told me a bit about it and now cosplaying as L sounds really awesome these days,but I’m gonna need to lose a lot of weight in both my stomach and my chest if I want A:Be that skinny and B:Actually Look like a dude. I know some people have figures totally different from the character their going as,but I’m one for EXTREME accuracy.

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