Female Fans, Male Fans, & Overall Nerd Stigma!

Published November 25, 2015 by Shay Taree

My new video is a bit of a rant but it’s definitely something that I just happened to think about after thinking about things that have happened to me. Also things that I noticed happen in society when it comes to “nerds” or “geeks”. So check out my video to know more and I hope you all enjoy! 

6 comments on “Female Fans, Male Fans, & Overall Nerd Stigma!

  • XD I only have a problem with gender stigma is when it comes to buying fantasy/sci-fi novel.

    O_O *oh no someone spotted me, I better grab a mills and boon’s book fast!*
    Friend:”Just walk in there and pick up the book.”
    me: “I would rather be caught holding a porn mag then hold a fantasy/sci-fi novel.”

    There are not that many anime made with the female viewers in mind, which would logical dictate female anime fans must be watching male aimed shows.
    I always see girls in the manga/comic shop in the city and I see loads of girls at the DVD stand at HMV in town.
    I know this might sound a little stereotypical but, most of the anime male fans I have met in reality are none muscular males that suffer with confidence issues (They are lot different to the personas I see online).

    I tend to just follow internet rule 16: There are NO girls on the internet.
    O_O We are an enigma which means it’s easier to ignore are existence.

  • I agree with this
    I get this alot and the shocked look on faces got a bit old everytime I mention the anime i was watching

    its weird but most ppl at my work now come to me for anime recommendations because they know I am watching about 7-10 different animes a month 🙂

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