When Anime’s Just Stop!

Published November 30, 2015 by Shay Taree

So I don’t know if anyone finds this annoying but I do!!! I hate when anime’s just stop and then there is just no continuation. Now I don’t mean when a show just doesn’t have a 2nd season I mean when it stops in the middle of a season. 

There are really only 2 shows that I’ve had do this to me and one was an anime called Daa Daa Daa. 

It was a really good anime I couldn’t wait to finish it but then literally there are other episodes but they have never been subtitled nor can I find them. This really irked me because I was so invested in a show that I wasn’t even able to finish. Yes I was able to go and finish the series due to reading the manga but in some ways it just wasn’t the same. 

The other series was D. Gray-Man. 

Now Funimation got a hold of this show so I was watching it dubbed but then the dubbed stopped due to now enough people watching it or buying the DVD’s. Now I don’t blame Funimation for this one because it was a great series so for this one I actually blame us the fans for not supporting it more. Now I know that you may be asking why I didn’t just watch it subbed but that’s because I find it difficult to go between voices like that because I have to get used to it again. 

But I really hate when this happens to anime series and I really wish that it wouldn’t happen but it some ways I can understand because while it is entertainment it is also a business. 

So what do you all think of this. Comment down below with your opinions. I can’t wait to read them. 

~Anime Reviewer Girl! 

30 comments on “When Anime’s Just Stop!

  • I feel this way when an anime that was great gets a low-budget ending and no second season. Basically, there’s no resolution because the final episode or episodes just exist to fill a TV slot. The last anime that made me feel that was probably Sankarea: Undying Love–the final episode was just a recap with flashbacks.

  • Oh man, I hate this so much. I understand that anime is still a business, but it can be one that actually finishes its works if it wants to. That’d be great. Somebody get me when a complete story is released. In the meantime, for comparison, I’ll be reading 3/4 of a novel, ripping out that last quarter, and trying to get some money out of it.

    Yes, I know it won’t work.

  • Ugh D. Grayman should have just went on but i can understand that there isnt much material left in the manga when it ended… Monthly D.Grayman manga is a bit slow… Even now im not confident that there is still enough for another 52eps…

    I really hate how NyanKoi and Mayo Chiki ended, its just too abrupt… I got damn many to list in fact

  • If I had to choose one anime, I would choose Deadman Wonderland. On the last episode is where things were starting to get really intense and until the cliffhanger came. I like the anime and I believe it could have been expanded to 26 episodes instead of 12 and an OVA.

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