Vocaloids!! WTF Are They?

Published December 2, 2015 by Shay Taree

That’s what me new YouTube video is about! Please check it out and enjoy! 


9 comments on “Vocaloids!! WTF Are They?

  • Vocaloid is actually the name of singing speech synthesis software. Companies, in an effort to market them, started selling the singing software with “mascots”–aka anime-like characters. Meiko and Kaito were two of the earliest, but Hatsune Miku from the company Crypton Future Media is the one that started gaining the most attention. Then Crypton started releasing more, and other companies released their own versions. Fans have nicknamed the characters Vocaloid, but it’s actually the name of the software.

    Lots of songs are almost like stories, and songs can range from the light and cheerful to the very dark. Since Vocaloids were released with minimal personality information, songwriters (producers) like to “cast” them into a variety of different roles. Rin and Len, for instance, can be twins in one song but lovers in another. Miku can be an innocent maiden in love or a murderer. It just depends on the song.

    Producers also team up with artists and video makers and create whole music videos. Many hit songs get covers by other Vocaloids or even humans, and some people create dance routines, song remixes, and even song sequels. Many Vocaloid producers (and artists) have gone on to work on major projects, such as HoneyWorks on the Brothers Conflict anime theme or 40mP who wrote a Fairy Tail OP.

    Games starring Hatsune Miku and her friends have been released in arcades and on PlayStation systems. A couple have been released here in the U.S. Many artists have also released their albums on U.S. iTunes and Amazon.

    The first Vocaloid song I ever heard was “Kokoro” (“Heart”) from Toraboruta-P feat. Rin. It’s an example of how a song can tell a story, and you can see the numerous Vocaloid and human covers as well as spinoff and sequel songs.

    Anyways, I think I babbled on long enough, but I hope this helped.

    P.S. Shoutout to samfree, a talented producer who died way too young! I love his songs!

  • Their hype started in 2005 and pretty much died down after 2009, so many people nowadays have no idea was is Miku, Len, Rn etc etc… Only people who watched anime or have passion in Japan during that time period will recognise them.

    I love the Kagamine twins, because of their VA, Shimoda Asami, who voiced Rin in IS. Was surprised at her voice when i listened to Len.

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