What If Dragon Ball Z Wasn’t Successful?

Published December 4, 2015 by Shay Taree

So we all know that Dragon Ball Z is wildly successful show where it has crossed over into mainstream media such as video games, action figures, and even a motion picture. Now while it wasn’t a great one it was still a motion picture on the big screen!  
But I’ve always wondered what would have happened if Dragon Ball Z didn’t end up being as successful as it had been. 

Now I’m sure that many of you may possibly say that you don’t think anything would change. But let’s remember that Dragon Ball Z is what put Funimation on the map and also made many people take notice about anime. Also many of us may not even be anime fans if it wasn’t for Dragon Ball Z

So I think that a lot would have changed. I feel like Funimation wouldn’t be as big of a company as it is if Dragon Ball Z would have failed in the states. I feel like anime would be even more underground than it is now. Now I know that other anime’s have been out before Dragon Ball Z but I feel like Dragon Ball Z is the one anime that can be counted on to continually bring in money and also new viewers. 

But I would love to know what you all think of this. Comment down below! I can’t wait to read all your comments. 

~Anime Reviewer Girl! 


16 comments on “What If Dragon Ball Z Wasn’t Successful?

  • Hmmmm. Good question. Many of the successful animanga series right now like ONE PIECE & Naruto has their creators admitting that they’re hugely influenced by Dragon Ball. If DB wasn’t so successful, then perhaps ONE PIECE & Naruto would be different in some ways, too. We’ll never know since all of them are now legendary.

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