What Irks Me About Anime Fans!

Published December 5, 2015 by Shay Taree

Alright new video released today. Please enjoy and once again this is purely my opinion but I will love to hear your input! 


10 comments on “What Irks Me About Anime Fans!

  • That is too bad. Well, you have snobs in all genres. Have you ever done a walkthrough of a university Art department. Arty-farty they are.

    I guess I have to call myself Anime-Fan-Second-Class, because I like it but I don’t dedicate too much of my time too it.

    I think that anime, especially Japanese anime is a great genre. There are some themes which are best explored through anime. I’m not a big fan of 99% of most Hollywood movies. If I have two hours TV time, I would rather catch up on anime series.

    I generally do not watch the Naruto-OnePiece-HunterxHunter-Bleach types. My son does, which is fine. To each his own.

    I am probably guilty of being a little bit of a snob when it comes to dubbed versions. That is only because I want friends to enjoy the anime more so in the Japanese with Eng subs.
    My son was the saem way. I had to watch Sword Art on Netflix in English. Later when we got CrunchyRoll we could only watch SAO in Japanese w Eng Subs, then he learned to enjoy it more that way. I think I am the same way with foreign movies. I prefer the subs.

    You go ahead and enjoy any anime any way you want.

    Hey you know, I though I saw the sliding door behind you move slightly. You know what would be a hoot? Record one of your YouTubes, and have a friend hide in the closet. Have them peak out once in a while. Pretend you don’t know. They can peak out a little more as your video progresses.

    We will all be sitting there at our computers thinking “Anime Reviewer Girl … Look Out … Anime Girl … get out of the house!!! … “ Try that one for April fools or Halloween.
    : )

  • I think one of the reasons people say exclude the long running shounen when discussing ones anime fan-ship is because when people tend to watch these shows they completely dedicate themselves to them.

    Thought explanation: you’re not a fan of anime in general you’re just a fan of a particular shounen.

  • This is beautiful discussion you made. I feel bad for not participating earlier.

    I totally agree with everything. You said about the irks. I believe already mentioned this but the whole war with “dub vs sub” should end. Rather than fighting over the voice actors, can we just talk about the anime. I am Dub viewer and I like watching the anime without subtitles.

    Another thing I like what you mentioned was the piracy issue. I think we should help support the industry by buying the DVDs to help bring more anime. I didn’t even know about D.Gray Man’s issue until you mentioned. I think that if you don’t like watching free anime with ads from Crunchyroll or Neon Alley, just buy the anime.

    I do feel bad that I keep my interest tucked in and away from my family. I just don’t want them to get the wrong idea of it.

    Anyway, I love this video you made and I think you spoke the problem of anime fans. You are my hero XD.

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