Tokyo Ghoul Review!!!

Published January 2, 2016 by Shay Taree

Hey everyone so I have finally finished the Tokyo Ghoul anime! I know it took me a long time but definitely check out my review here! 

~Anime Reviewer Girl


17 comments on “Tokyo Ghoul Review!!!

  • Omg you are super kawaii!! You look like you can be my little sister! But you have to watch Tokyo ghoul season 2. Kaneki is not a wimp anymore. It becomes so interesting. But trust me it’s a good series. Season 3 will be coming out soon. It’s my 3rd favorite anime.

  • Pierrot disappoints many people the past 2 years… from this to Re-kan, i think they should concentrate on their Naruto and stop making animes for the time being until Naruto officially finishes…

  • This show was ssssooooo…..I can’t but it into words. I liked it but it still felt incomplete and characters felt either 1D or useless. There motivations were all over the place. But I was addicted to it though.

  • Hey Shay, sorry for this late comment, it took me a while to get into this series. After finally buying the DVD and watching from episode 1-12, I can finally comment here.

    Tokyo Ghoul was a great anime, however, I agree with you, there was a lot of characters to deal with. Personally, I feel there was more than one plot in each episode. The anime was rushed too. Besides that, I love the voices and art. I also like the music intro and ending.

    Overall, great review and I like how your opinion. Sorry for commenting here earlier.

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