Fan Service: Love It Or Hate It!

Published January 13, 2016 by Shay Taree

Hey everyone I have a new video out and it’s about fan service and it includes a brief history about it. Please watch and don’t forget to Like, Comment, & Subscribe! 

~Anime Reviewer Girl! 

6 comments on “Fan Service: Love It Or Hate It!

  • Personally it all depends on the series. When I think of fan service, I think about ecchi themes in anime but sometimes that’s not case. Besides ecchi, I like anime with a huge battle or final showdown like DBZ. Anytime when the protagonist faces the ultimate enemy is worth every minute. Fight scenes like Sword Art Online where Kirito fought Heathcliff or Death Gun was pretty awesome.

    • I also agree when it comes to fight scenes because I definitely do enjoy that big battle. But for ecchi series is once again depends and also of it makes sense with the story. If it’s too much or doesn’t make sense that when I don’t really like it.

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