What Anime Clichè Needs To End?

Published January 18, 2016 by Shay Taree

So I’m sure we all know and have seen anime’s that have the same theme or cliche’ around it but we still enjoy it. 
Now what I means why these recurring cliche’s are genres such as action shows that have the recurring theme of a hero that has someone to beat so they have to get stronger to beat that enemy. Then the theme just continues until the show ultimately ends. 

Many times these cliche’s can appear differently but they still have the same ultimate ending. Now the question that I have is what anime cliche’ would you like to see end or changed?

For me I would have to say the romantic comedy genre since even though I do enjoy a good romance anime I would still love to see them genre get a makeover or not be so predictable. 

Some shows have changed this genre around and actually did make the show less predictable or took it further than normal. Those shows were Paradise Kiss 

& Itazura Na Kiss. 

If you haven’t seen them check them out!

But what anime cliche’s do you wish would end or how would you like to see them changed? Like how would it be if the hero actually lost instead of won or if all the characters didn’t survive in the end? Comment down below with your answers I can’t wait to read them!

~Anime Reviewer Girl! 

20 comments on “What Anime Clichè Needs To End?

  • I would be over the moon if I never had the hear that princess laugh ever-again . Y-Y It’s meant to be used to show how annoyingspoiled brats are however, for some annoying reason many anime are using it unironically on there female bad guy (it tends to come out of nowhere).

  • Some cliches are purely technical, like “the protagonist chair”, it’s because the window seat means you can use your stock backgrounds behind the frame, and in the back means when looking at a character’s face you don’t have to animate people behind them. But the options still exist to pan-classroom shots and the like. These are probably the primary reason it persists more than just “it’s expected”. I don’t have such a hatred for the technical cliches because it often IS a budget thing. So long as the stuff they choose to spend their budget on is good, of course xD

    What I need to see go is the whole lesbian infiltrator series premise. It doesn’t have a name yet but it will in a few years. The ONE guy in a girl’s school, bonus points if it is magical and the one guy is, SOMEHOW, the only male with magic powers in the entire flippin universe. I actually loved Valkyrie Drive for flipping that on its head xD IT IS THE WORST OF ALL THE BAD HAREM SHIT! SERIOUSLY! xD

  • I have many ideas in my head I would like to share but I try to choose one XD. I think the cliche that needs to end would be the “typical Shonen characters”. Characters like Naruto, Ichigo, or Goku are examples of Shonen characters. They are male characters that have the fit body, spiky hair, determine willpower, and sometimes act tough all the time.

    How about we get something different like Haruyuki from Accel World. He is a male character that is fat and small and consistently picked on. Even though he later becomes tough, he can somewhat be relateable. He is poor soul with a less self-esteem. That is one cliche I have in mind.

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