Do You Still Buy Anime?

Published January 25, 2016 by Shay Taree

I know this topic may seem pretty random but I just felt like it was something I wanted to discuss especially since I can’t remember the last time I bought an actual anime. 
Now what I mean by bought doesn’t mean a subscription. What I mean by bought is going to a store or online and purchasing a physical copy of a show. 

For me the last physical copy of a show that I purchased was Sailor Moon R the new dub that was done by Viz. 

I honestly don’t buy anime as much as I used to and I think it’s because a lot things are now digitally available.

But what anime was that last one that you physically bought? Also do you still try and purchase a physical copy of an anime or do you now use subscription services like Netflix to watch anime?

I’m very interested in knowing those answers to please comment down below. I can’t wait to read them.

~Anime Reviewer Girl

33 comments on “Do You Still Buy Anime?

  • I do watch anime on subscription sites like Netflix, for sure, especially if I’m not sure if I’ll like it. But for shows that I love, even if I’ve seen the whole thing already, I do still buy the actual physical copies. I guess I have the mindset that I’ll want to watch it again, and who knows how long it will actually be available (in either format).

  • Last time anime I brought was nisekoi season 1 part 1 and currently have part 2 on order, ironically I tend to buy more manga than dvd/blue ray

  • I recently bought The Last: Naruto the Movie during Christmas. I still buy anime but not much because I either save up money for a long time or if it has an English Dub. It is funny goal but I am hoping to spend on buying Collector/ Limited Editions DVDs, they usually have exclusive content. I go for the DVD rather than Blu-Ray.

  • I have always bought my anime slowly starting to buy more manga but for only certain series I want to complete at the moment. Last one I bought was last week and got Golden time I’m on the face with that one but always stalking ebay for bargins to add to my collection. I’m always getting something 🙂

    • Yeah I mostly tend to buy anime that I’ve already seen but I always look at record stores and sometimes also online through rightstuf.

  • I’ve started to buy more over the last year, because I have more money to spend on stuff like DVDs, but I still get the majority of them from second hand stores so they’re cheaper. But I definitely try to give back where I can.

  • I have a big DVD collection, but I haven’t bought a physical release in quite some time. The main reason is because I am low on storage space. I also feel like buying DVDs is a rip off. A lot of UK releases have come out with faults, despite being expensive. Why should I pay for something that is worse in quality than pirated stuff?

  • I definitely buy less anime than I used to. But I buy more manga than I used to. Most titles are available for free or cheap to stream, but most manga is not available for free/cheap digitally. The last title I bought was Hetalia I believe.

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