The Ideal Length For An Anime?

Published February 1, 2016 by Shay Taree

Many of us have watched several different anime’s and each have been different lengths. But I was wondering what to you is the ideal length for an anime?
Many people don’t exactly enjoy long running anime’s since it can be a long commitment to watch an anime that goes for hundreds of episodes do example One Piece. 

 But there are others who don’t exactly like short anime’s because sometimes it may not tell the complete story. 

For me my ideal length for a show is anywhere between 12-24 episodes but I don’t mind if a show is split into different seasons of the same length. The reason why is because it similar to how shows air on tv and it doesn’t seem as daunting to watch a show that is that length.

Now it also does depend on the show. Shows that have that much detail may require more episodes but I still suggest seasons. Also of your someone that likes writing or recording reviews it gives you something that you can watch within a reasonable amount of time.

So what is for you the ideal length of an anime for you? Do you enjoy watching the long running shows, do you enjoy the shorter length shows, or do you just not care and just want to watch a show. So comment down below on what you think of this topic. I can’t wait to read your comments. 

~Anime Reviewer Girl!

44 comments on “The Ideal Length For An Anime?

  • Me personally, if an anime is going to be short term I’d prefer it to be 24 episodes. Sometimes the 12-13 episode thing just doesn’t satisfy me, especially if I liked the show. Now with longer anime yes it can be a real commitment, but as long as it’s enjoyable I can deal with it. One Piece is the perfect example. It was stated that the story is only about 60% complete, going on 700+ episodes now. I bet it will surpass 1,000 episodes by the end…

  • It depends on the show for me, sometimes I want long series because I really like a show and others I prefer short because WHEN IS IT GOING TO END xD

    I do think 12 is too short though :/ Especially if the original source is a manga or light novel, there’s just so much that could be incorporated so maybe around 24, if there needs to be more than I’d say add them as seasons @_@

  • Definitely depends on the type of story, but I agree that 12-24 or thereabouts is a nice length to really develop story and characters without dragging it out unnecessarily. Having said that, there have been shows (notably Soul Eater) where I wished they’d for longer and stick with the many a storyline instead of crafting a new ending.

  • Hmm that is a good question.
    I do like 12 to 24 episodes of the whole story is told.
    If the story isn’t complete I need to see another season lol

    But I do like dragon ball, bleach (before it got boring) and Naruto.
    I don’t mind the commitment to those.

    I guess I really can’t answer that question then.
    It depends on the anime

  • I think Death Note and Full Metal Alchemist are the ideal length for a show. Long enough to tell its tale without rushing things or dragging things out. How long a series needs to be depends from show to show. A comedy for example might be okay with 13 episodes. Anything that runs for hundreds of episodes tends to be garbage packed with filler that is just still going to make money.

  • It depends. I usually like about 24 episodes on certain animes. Animes like One Piece or Dragon Ball Z needs more than that. I agree with The Otaku Judge, anime like Fullmetal Alchemist and Death Note are the more appropriate lengths.

  • I don’t really have any particular ideal length for an anime series. As long as the story is good and the end will justify it then I’ll be willing to extend my patience. If it won’t then better luck next time.

    I’ve watched Meitantei Conan which has 800+ repetitive episode pattern and rewatched some or not, most of it’s episode and I still tend to like it. Another one is Gintama which is one of my favorite anime. And it has roughly 300+ episodes. It actually stopped airing for some years and then it just got back last 2015. During those time I was seeking more of it’s episodes and I was so happy when it aired back. And for now I don’t want to end it. Though now that I think about it most of my favorite anime are lengthy. Probably because I tend to seek more so I have patience for lengthy anime.

    But if I ran out of patience and get bored I have this attitude of stopping for a certain amount of episodes and then continue watching them again. Just like what I did with Fairy Tail, Conan, Naruto, and Bleach. There’s no use in forcing myself to watch it when I don’t feel like watching them for the mean time. If I force myself, I’ll come and hate the series.

    As for Naruto and One Piece, I am actually planning to watch them once they’re done. But who know when will it come. Now that made me laugh.

    • Lol that’s exactly how I feel about One Piece. I kind of don’t want to start watching it until is it finished. But I think that you do like lengthy anime which is perfectly fine.

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