Are Anime Fans Ungrateful?

Published February 10, 2016 by Shay Taree

Please don’t be upset about the topic that I chose for today’s discussion. I just went based off my opinion and also what I’ve just been noticing. So check out my new video to know more and also please don’t be afraid to give me your opinion. 

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~Anime Reviewer Girl!

17 comments on “Are Anime Fans Ungrateful?

  • Interesting note about pricing for box sets – U.S. releases are approximately 5 times cheaper than those in Japan (where they go for around 30,000 yen, if I recall correctly). We’re so used to pricing here that we may not consider how much Japanese fans must pay in order to get the same product. I’m grateful to have anime to watch, myself; I can’t pay for much, due to disability, but I’m still happy.

    • Same I’m also very grateful for the anime that I’m able to watch and get my hands on especially since in other countries they may not have that same ability.

  • After watching this video, I now notice how some people will complain on the anime company. I agree with you on the voice acting; these people are working hard for us and some people are disrespecting them. We should be happy that we are getting anime in English Dub.

  • I do think some fans are ungrateful. I’ve kind of covered this topic on my blog as well as TheOASG. Some people complain they have to pay for streaming, to wait a week, minor translation flaws, etc. Nothing is good enough, and they only leech from the market and do nothing to financially support it.

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