USA Making Anime!?

Published February 17, 2016 by Shay Taree

Alright so the topic can be kind of deceiving but the main discussion is on should the US cut ties with Japan and make anime based on western culture. 

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~Anime Reviewer Girl! 

16 comments on “USA Making Anime!?

  • This is a nice discussion. I don’t think America should make anime; it’s best to leave it to Japan. I know the only exception is RWBY by Roosterteeth. It was made in the USA but it’s considered a great anime.
    I have a suggestion for any upcoming YouTube video. How do you feel of Marvel doing anime? I remember a while back Marvel did anime series on Iron Man, Wolverine, Blade, and X-Men. They also did a anime movie about Black Widow and the Punisher. Japan also did a “Beyblade-like” anime of the Avengers.

      • Great, I can’t wait. If you want to expand on it, you should do a video about comic book publisher and their adaptation on anime. I remember DC comics did an anime adaptation of Batman. The DVD was called “Batman: Gotham Knight” and it had six episodes made by different anime artists. Another comic book anime is Witchblade. Witchblade is comic book made by Top Cow Productions and then got an anime on 2006. The anime is licensed by FUNimation.

      • I will definitely do more research. I actually heard about Witchblade when I watched an anime documentary.

      • I think I know what you are talking about in anime documentary. I believe it was called”Anime: Drawing a Revolution”. I think that’s what you saw because that is how I found out about Witchblade and Afro Samurai.

      • I seen it before when I had Stars and HBO for free a while back. I enjoyed it and I learned new things. It was cool learning about different topics on anime.

      • Yeah I saw it on HBO and found it so interesting. Now I just wish they would make an updated one.

      • Exactly! There are so many ways that anime has become more and more mainstream that there definitely should be a new documentary made on it.

      • I would definitely watch it. I bet if they did do another one, they will most likely mention how anime is expanding in the West or the recent popularity in some. Maybe even the news like Naruto’s ending, or Attack on Titan becoming a global phenomena.

      • Yeah I’m sure that Attack On Titan would definitely be mentioned. Also Sword Online may be mentioned too.

      • It would be cool. I bet it will mention how it affects the United States and how most Americans are accepting anime just like Japan. Or just like one your old posts mentioned, how most TV shows and people are influenced to it.

      • That would be so cool! I bet that would definitely be mentioned! I’m also sure that several conventions would be featured too!

      • Yeah and how anime sites like Funimation and Crunchyroll are allowing fans to be exposed to more anime. They could mention how much fans are so dedicated to the shows.

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