Best Streaming Service For Anime?

Published March 15, 2016 by Shay Taree

As many of you know I have subscriptions to several different streaming sites where there is anime and I want to discuss the pros and cons for all of them.


Pros: Even if you don’t have a subscription you can still watch shows on here but you just have to wait a week after the original air date to watch. I definitely used to use this when I didn’t have the money to have a subscription.

Cons: As someone who is a fan of dubs I just wish they had more anime that was dubbed. They have a few anime’s dubbed on there but definitely not enough.


Pros: Once again even if you don’t have a subscription you can still watch some shows. If you do have a subscription then you have access to every show that Funimation has on the site as well as extras. These extras could be panels at conventions to cast commentary on shows. Plus you also have access to the dubs if it is available.

Cons: I’ve noticed while using the streaming service that there are times where it will just stop working. Maybe this just happens to me but it can suck when your in the middle of watching a show and the services says streaming not available.

So I’m going to put Hulu and Netflix together since they are both very similar with their streaming services.

Hulu & Netflix: 

Pros: Both services have more than just anime so you and everyone in your family or friends can enjoy a variety of shows.

Cons: Sometimes the shows don’t have the entire seasons of a show so if you want to watch the 2nd season you have to go hunting for it somewhere else. 

Alright now for me my favorite ones to go to are generally Hulu and Funimation. This is because I notice that a lot of the shows I tend to watch Funimation has but also Hulu because of Funimation decides to stop working Hulu usually has the show I’m looking for.

But out of the ones I’ve mentioned which one(s) would you be willing to try or already use. Comment down below with what you think! 

~Anime Reviewer Girl! 

19 comments on “Best Streaming Service For Anime?

  • Well, I usually use Crunchyroll because I am a sub anime fan, but it got pretty stupid with its location restrictions so I can’t watch some good anime. I have to pick Hulu just cause, even with all the ads, they still have pretty large archive of anime, both popular and unknown, but I have to use proxy since I am not from the US 🙂

    • Yeah I think that’s also the biggest draw back that I’ve seen which is a lot of these services aren’t accessible outside the US.

  • I’ve been to several sites like and For AnimeCrazy you can watch subbed and dubbed episodes but only some per day if you don’t have a subscription; however, I think they removed the site or a lot of the shows. I’m using GogoAnime TV right now and it’s great. Tons of different anime to choose from. The only downside is that almost everything is subbed. I can deal with it though

    • Yeah I can deal with subs when I have to. I think with anime crazy it may have been streaming the shows illegally which is why many of the shows were removed.

  • I hate how netflix only uploads a couple season and then you have to wait for a looong time or even never for the next season. I have found my favorite streaming site which is and ever since then I refuse to watch anime on other sites haha. If you’re interested, I wrote a post about it on my blog and I go into more detail to why it possibly is the best anime site out there. Oh, and it’s free ;D

  • Personally, I would choose either FUNimation or Crunchyroll. FUNimation has many anime in English Dub and it would be nice to watch ahead of everyone else. Crunchyroll has some anime in English but they also have perks like discounts on their store.

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