Fake Anime Merchandise! Noooo!!!

Published March 16, 2016 by Shay Taree

Trust me I’m sure that we have all been there where we have purchased a product that we’ve been looking for and it turns out that it’s not legitimate. 

Well that is what my new anime discussion topic is on. Check it out my video to know more about my experience with it and some helpful tips on how you spot a real from a fake.

Enjoy and don’t forget to like, comment, & subscribe! 

~Anime Reviewer Girl!

5 comments on “Fake Anime Merchandise! Noooo!!!

  • A few weeks ago, I bid on a lot at a nearby auctionhouse advertised with the Sabrina the Teenage Witch DVDs, Ikki Tousen, and Revolutionary Girl Utena. The pictures weren’t clear, but I was mostly after the Sabrina boxset. Anyways, when I picked it up, I realized the Utena set was a bootleg. I just shook my head and hoped the person bought it unintentionally. I know I still have some old bootlegs from years ago when I didn’t know what bootlegs were.

    • Yeah same for me. When I bought the Rurouni Kenshin DVDs I didn’t know they were bootleg but now that I’m able to spot then I try not to buy them.

  • XD I bought a set of madoka poker cards from a con that turned out to be amazingly fake. They clearly stole peoples fan art and slightly modified others (mecha captain madoka!).

  • I’m not sure if this counts but I did get bootleg Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. The picture was blurry and the font size was very thick. They even smell like something you would print from cheap material.

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