Anime Creating Harmony

Published March 17, 2016 by Shay Taree

I recently read an article where about an anime convention in Milwaukee where because of this anime convention and anime in general it was able to cross racial barriers. This anime convention was able to desegregate a community which is something that even most government programs are unable to do.
The article even went on to mention how anime conventions bring people together under every culture, racial background, and financial background all because everyone there loves anime.

After reading this article it got me thinking about how true this really is. Anime has a way of bringing everyone together no matter what someone’s background is. It also has a way of teaching all of us something whether we knew it would or not. 

I know that anime has definitely taught me to be more open minded and nicer to others. It’s taught me to reach out to others and also to reach for all my dreams no matter how far. Anime has taught me so much and also has connected me to so many different people that I never would have connected to. 

Even with the people I’ve met through WordPress, YouTube, or Twitter I definitely wouldn’t have met them if it wasn’t for our love of anime and wanting to share it with others.

That is how I feel about this and this is one of the many reasons that I’m so happy to be an anime fan!

 Now for my fellow readers of my blog. What do you think of this topic, what has anime taught you, and are you happy to be an anime fan? Comment down below on what you think about this. I can’t wait to read it!

~Anime Reviewer Girl!  

3 comments on “Anime Creating Harmony

  • I felt that same way when I went to Naka Kon! All different kinds of nerds gathered together and enjoying each other and getting along and excepting each other. It was glorious. I think anime has a big influence in my life and I’m VERY proud to be an anime fan.

    • I’m also proud to be an anime fan and I think that anime is one of the few hobbies that is so accepting of others. No matter what the background is.

  • Hey Shay, after reading this post, I have to agree with you. Before evening this blog account, it was hard for me to find any friends that had the same interest as me. However, I got this blog, I was able to meet you and everyone else here. As a benefit of being a fan, I got to meet people over the places. I am proud to be an anime fan.

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