An Anime Award Show….Hell Yeah!!!

Published April 6, 2016 by Shay Taree

I’m sure we have all wished that there was an award show that dealt with all things anime. I know that I have! Well that’s what my new discussion video is about to check it out and enjoy! 

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~Anime Reviewer Girl!


27 comments on “An Anime Award Show….Hell Yeah!!!

  • That would be an awesome idea. I wish there was an award show for anime. I can imagine FUNimation choosing the best voice actor or maybe Crunchyroll choosing the most popular anime viewed. That would be awesome. Possibly have the anime characters themselves attend and say hello to the fans like Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards; this previous awards show had Mario and Luigi attend the award show. Also, nice place, you seem really happy of it :).

  • Now… how do we choose the one deserves the award? Based on rating? Or poll? Not an easy task but need to find am effective method. It’ll fun though. I always want to know what anime is the best according to general viewers. The best theme song. The best animation. The best voice acting. We can divide into several categories.

    • I think the best way would be through a poll or even like calling in and voting or texting. There are so many different ways now with technology that it’s endless what the awards committee could come up with.

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