My Top Five Female Anime Characters! 

Published April 9, 2016 by Shay Taree

So I decided that for this weeks Saturday video to do a top five of my favorite female anime characters! Check it out and please enjoy! 

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11 comments on “My Top Five Female Anime Characters! 

  • Awesome video Shay and that was a great list so here is mine with explanations of why.

    Number 5 is Esdeath from Akame Ga KIll because she is a total badass that just commands respect, she is a cunning, sadistic and a extremely dangerous woman with a rather great alluring figure but she is one of my favourites because she is a complete contradiction to her rule…she claims “the weak are meant to lie underneath the boots of the strong” yet she serves a senile fat man and a child who are FAR weaker than her.

    she also is confusing when it comes to Tatsumi so that’s another layer of depth to her character because she once again contradicts herself, she wants to find love but she doesn’t exactly know how to act in those situations like the collaring bit but what I like the most is about her is the question of “what if” when it comes to her upbringing.

    Number 4 is Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail because she is one of the best female characters in general in my opinion, she is kind, noble and a great role model for young girls, hell I godamn want to name one of my daughters after her (when I actually become a parent).

    I also like her because of her history, she is a survivor and a warrior with a almost unbreakable will, she led a rebellion at the age of 6, became an S class mage at 15 and is one of the most powerful mages in Fiore.

    Number 3 is Hinata Hyuga from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden because unlike the rest of Leaf Village she didn’t treat Naruto like a monster like everyone else and always had faith in him, she supported him when he was at his lowest and at his highest

    Hinata is a lot like me really, believe it or not I am painfully shy and somewhat awkward in public and most people don’t expect anything from me but then I do something and they are like “holy shit”.

    Hinata earned my respect during her fight with Pain, she got the crap kicked out of her but she would no give in until Naruto was able to free himself and that just blew me away.

    Number 2 is Satellizer L Bridget from Freezing, like Erza she is a survivor with a iron will but unlike Erza she went through physical, mental and later sexual abuse from her younger half brother that gave her well her phobia and namesake “the untouchable queen”.

    She is incredibly strong willed and refuses to lose to anyone or be at their mercy, in one fight she got her ribs and organs crushed, her arm completely shattered and her throat cut…..three minutes later she healed, got up and beat her attackers while unconscious.

    I like her because she is a quiet and kind person dispite what people might say about her, I actually admire her strength especially after what is called “the siblings arc”….just read it and you will see why.

    And number 1 is Revy from Black Lagoon because she is the epitomie of “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger but it will probably f**k you up somehow”, from the age of about 11 she has been through every sort of trauma and pain someone could imagine and yet she survives.

    Sure she might be unstable but can you really blame her and honestly she is my favourite because she is pretty much “one of a kind”, there are no characters that can rival Revy except for the Black Lagoon women but they don’t count because same show and all that.

    She is also a very interesting character mentally, one minute she is all vulnerable and then two minutes later she is blowing out someone’s kneecaps with her barretas….it makes for really great fanfiction material

    So that’s my 5 favourite anime women 🙂

  • Awesome topic! My top 5 are:

    1. Yoruichi Shihoin from Bleach
    2. Hinata Hyuga from Naruto
    3. Bulma from DBZ
    4. Rei aka Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon
    5. Satsuki Kiryuin

    Yoruichi is by far the best for me. You don’t see many dark skinned beauties in anime to begin with. Her speed and reflexes are unbelievable, while staying so levelheaded in battle. She hardly ever loses her cool, even against opponents that are more powerful than her. She’s also very playful. Oh did I mention how hot she is?!! 😉 lol

    Next up is Hinata. She gets the #2 spot mostly because of her growth throughout the series. She starts off meek and unsure of herself, but slowly as she watches Naruto’s ambition, she eventually gets stronger and can stand up on her own. Personally, I think she’s one of the more mature out of the other Leaf kunoichi around her age, she always thinks of others first. Plus, she never gave up on Naruto despite him liking Sakura…and in the end she gets him. Also, I liked whenever Naruto got too close to her face and she’d just pass out XD

    Bulma’s always been a great inventor and pretty independent. She set off on a search for the Dragon Balls as a teenager, most teens wouldn’t have the drive for that sort of thing. She ages pretty well from DBZ to DBGT, so that’s a plus. She’s also the only woman to stand up to Vegeta and get to know him…still not sure how they got together…

    I grew up watching Sailor Moon as a kid but Rei Hino was my favorite of all the girls. On the surface she was always tough and serious but on the inside she did care for her comrades. Being a fire sign I liked that she could use fire as a weapon. Her spiritual powers were cool too. Behind Sailor Venus and Jupiter she was the cutest one to me.

    There’s not much to explain about my #5. Satsuki’s just badass! What makes her appealing isn’t just her outfit transformation (Junketsu) but also her genius. She’s always several steps ahead of her opponent, always has an extra plan, never loses control, and looks good doing it! It’s like she has no fear, being half naked in Junketsu doesn’t bother her at all, she accepts the power given to her and makes it her own. She won’t be submissive or blindly take orders from anyone, even her own mother (her truly corrupted, insane mother). Satsuki’s a leader, strategist, and conqueror all in one. None of those things affect her charm either, she remains elegant yet powerful.

    That’s my top 5 in a nutshell.

  • Great topic! Here are mine in the top of my head. It may change:
    5. Celty Sturluson from Durarara!!
    Just because she doesn’t have head, doesn’t mean she’s not cute. I like her tough personality and I like shadow powers. She also has a horse that can change into a carriage and motorcycle.

    4. Hinata Hyuga from Naruto
    I like her shy personality and I like how no matter how many people ignored Naruto, she was the one secretly supporting him. I feel like I have a little Hinata inside me. I do my best support on the sidelines and encourage them to continue their goals.

    3. Akame from Akame ga Kill
    Kind of like Kenshin, she is powerful swordswoman that tries to move from her past. I like how she can be deadly assassin but then becoming a funny hungry assassin XD. Her sword skills are amazing.

    2. Yoruichi from Bleach
    Besides her being pretty, I like her fighting styles and her fast stealth speed. I also enjoy seeing her tease Ichigo.

    1. Nico Robin from One Piece
    I pick Robin because she is one of my crushes in anime. She has incredible power of multiplying arms and legs and she is very smart. I like her dark humor if someone dies.

    These are my temp. 5 🙂

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