Latest Bleach Manga Chapter Review!!! OMG! 

Published April 16, 2016 by Shay Taree

So of course it’s Saturday and that means that I have a new review for everyone! I jut finished reading the latest Bleach manga chapters and decided to review them! Check it out and of course enjoy! But be warned there are spoilers so watch at your own risk!

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38 comments on “Latest Bleach Manga Chapter Review!!! OMG! 

  • Nice review. Yoruichi’s new transformation was awesome, love the way she looks and acts too!! Kisuke’s bankai was epic! And Kenpachi’s bankai was sick! Never thought he would turn into this tengu-like beast with so much more power than he could handle… I’m also pretty excited to see what Toshiro’s got planned next.

  • I am already caught up in Bleach and everything is epic. I am enjoying see these characters unleash their true powers. From Yoruichi’s powers to Kenpachi’s Banki, everything is awesome. I can’t wait for Toshiro for Monday’s issue of Jump. Still, I feel a little uneasy for the future chapters of Bleach.

      • In Shonen Jump magazine, reading One Piece and Bleach are the main series I enjoy reading. I already know that Bleach is almost ending. The uneasy feeling I have is about the Captains. I have a feeling they might die in this war 0_0!

      • I just hope nobody dies. We already lost the head captain and his assistant. I do have a feeling like the assistant soul reapers will become the new captains. Can you imagine Captain Rukia?

      • It would be awesome to see that. She could be the strongest female captain and I can imagine Renji becoming captain too. Two best friends together.

      • But the only way she can be captain if the original captain retires from their position. I think Bleach is going to end like Naruto where there is time-skip and everyone is older and matured in the last chapter.

      • That would be cool if they did a movie of Bleach. Bleach only got 4 movies while Naruto and Dragon Ball Z got a lot. Imagine watching a Bleach movie that shows who will Ichigo will pair up with.

      • Omg!! That movie would finally put everyone to rest on who Ichigo will end up with.

      • It would be awesome. I would pay money to see that. I think you mentioned before that you prefer if Ichigo was with Rukia. If that happened, I bet you would cry of happiness XD.

      • Yup! Although I know a lot of people want Ichigo and Orihime together and Rukia and Renji together.

      • Totally agree, I think I heard a long time ago people were already matching up with Ichigo and Orihime. To be honest, I was one of them but after I seen the first two seasons of Bleach, I think Orihime fits with Uryu. As for Rukia and Renji, they could match up but Rukia and Ichigo would make sense. It’s struggle to know which one is better. I want to know who goes with who at the end of Bleach >_<.

      • I always thought of Ichigo and Rukia because their relationship was similar to Inuyasha and Kagome’s.

      • You know, you do make a point. I can see that happening. They do fight and the girl always slap around the strong male characters. Plus, they have big swords XD.

      • Not to mention, they do lose control and become a monster at some point and they fight monsters that too big to handle. Maybe Bleach and Inuyasha is too similar…hmmm lol.

      • And they both have friends that have unique powers to fight against enemies. The only difference is that Inuyasha has a brother and Ichigo only has two little sisters.

      • Exactly plus Ichigo clearly loves his siblings while Sesshomaru sometimes shows that he cares but he doesn’t always.

      • Yeah that’s true. Ichigo has a heart of gold while Sesshomaru doesn’t care anybody. He actually does care for Rin and Jaken.

      • Still, at least we know that Sesshomaru actually cares. He may not be the best big brother but at least he is darn awesome XD.

      • Yeah that’s is true. I love the moments when Sesshomaru is caring since it is so far in between.

      • I will be creeped out if they started smiling. I felt weird when Vegeta started singing and dancing and smiling in Battle of Gods.

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