Anime’s With Live Action Potential! 

Published May 9, 2016 by Shay Taree

So as we all know most anime’s when they become a live action they generally aren’t very good. It’s quite rare that I’ve actually been genuinely excited about a live action anime. 
But this had me thinking about what anime’s would make a really good live action. For me I realized that anime’s that have a storyline that wouldn’t require a lot of CGI and the storyline is pretty interesting. 

I would honestly love to see Psycho Pass 

become a live action anime. I feel like it would be really interesting to see it come to life on the big screen. 

Also now that I think about it more I would also like to see Erased 

also become a live action.

Now that I think about it more I realize that anime’s that are psychological or sci-fi would make a great live action. I think that this is because it could also be entertaining for others to watch whom aren’t into anime because of the topics that it touches on and the subject manner.

But what do you all think? Comment down below on what anime’s you think would make great live action.

~Anime Reviewer Girl!


4 comments on “Anime’s With Live Action Potential! 

  • I agree that Psycho Pass could make an excellent live action story (though it would probably freak me out because I don’t think I could handle that much violence with real people). I’d also love to see No. 6 made as a live action. They’d have to make some changes but I just think it would be really interesting.

  • Ooh Psycho-Pass would be awesome, so long as the exploding bodies don’t look like water fountains. Live action movies (especially adaptations) are honestly not really my thing. I mean, they’re cool at first (or thinking about them/seeing a photo), but then when you actually see them they’re lacking in so many ways.
    Buuuuut, as a fan, I would love to see a live action version of Eden of the East. You know, something that wouldn’t require too many CG visual effects, yet is interesting from a narrative perspective.

  • I haven’t seen Psycho-Pass but I can imagine the anime being a live-action adaptation. If we’re able to make good sci-fi films like Terminator or I, Robot, I think it’s possible to do a film like this.
    I actually have anime ideas that could make a good live-action movie. I pick JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures Phantom Blood and Spice and Wolf. I say Phantom Blood because the story takes place in 1880 England and not all the characters are Asian. We could have cast of White people and teach them martial arts and get some people to be zombies. Another idea would be Spice and Wolf. Again, we don’t have to worry about getting an Asian cast and it would be nice to a movie with an enchanted feel.

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