My Top 5 Game Systems!

Published May 12, 2016 by Shay Taree

Besides liking anime I also really enjoy playing videos games! So here is my top 5 video game systems!
1. Super Nintendo:

 This was one of the first game systems that I got as a kid and I loved playing Duck Hunt and of course playing Mario.

2. Sega Genesis: 

This was the game system that had quite a few iconic games on it and of course my brother and spent countless hours playing games on this system.

3. Nintendo 64: 

Whenever I talk about a game system that I really love I can’t help but talk about. There were so many games on this system that were pivotal to my childhood that it’s hard not to love this system.

4. Sega Dreamcast: 

Yes I know that this system wasn’t the best. To be honest I only really liked this system because it had my favorite sonic game where you could choose to be good or evil.

5. The Gameboy Series: 

Gameboys are like one of the best handheld gaming systems out so of course I had to put it on my list. I still remember when I got my first one and I haven’t stopped getting them since.

But what is your favorite game system? I would love to know! Comment down below on which ones are your favorite and why.

~Anime Reviewer Girl! 

25 comments on “My Top 5 Game Systems!

  • My favorite console has to be the Gamecube. A lot of games were on it to begin with and it has always been my go-to system to play on. So many memories of playing with my friends or solo. I had everything from Pokemon Colosseum, Zoids, and SSB Melee to Sonic Adventure, Sonic Riders, and Naruto.

    My Top 5 game systems:
    1. GameCube
    2. Nintendo 64
    3. Gameboy Advance SP
    4. Wii
    5. Nintendo DS Lite

  • Oh wow those are some amazing choices! Just like you, I also a gamer. After reading this post, I want to go back and play them again. My top 5 classics Nintendo consoles are this:

    1. GameCube
    2. Nintendo DS Lite
    3. Gambeboy Advance SP
    4. a tie between NES and SNES
    5. Nintendo 64

    I really enjoyed these consoles and the games.

  • Nintendo 64 was definitely my favourite. Playstation 2, not bad.
    Mostly I’m a PC Gamer though so I haven’t really got into more recent consoles.
    I do like the Wii but not for gaming. I use it to attempt motivation for exercise and movement. Sometimes it even works.

  • Wow, I’m really surprised by these lists so far! No Sony love? I would have to have PS1 and PS2 on my lists. PS1 really started the RPG boom in the West, and PS2 just continued PS1’s trend of having games for everyone while also upping the space for graphics and audio on discs. I also loved my Atari 2600 (Barnstorming FTW!).

    I’m surprised N64 is on so many people’s lists. I know there were some good games, but it never really had good third party support. Game Boy (original) was a classic that lasted for years. SNES was amazing but I’ve never had one! (I’ve played ports though.)

    • I actually really loved the PlayStation series. I also currently have a PS4 but I guess with my list I went for nostalgia more than anything.

  • I’m going in with the Gamecube as well. The sheer amount of great games really overwhelms every other title for me. Mario Sunshine, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (The greatest Sonic game of all time) Super Smash Bros Melee, Godzilla Destroy All Monsters, and Star Fox Assault are just the tip of the iceberg for me. After that

    2. PS3

    3. PS4

    4. Game Boy Advance

    5. Nintendo DS

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