What Inspires You The Most About Anime?

Published May 13, 2016 by Shay Taree

A lot of times when I watch an anime I can’t help but be inspired. Sometimes I’m inspired to change something about myself, sometimes I’m inspired to do something for others, and sometimes I just get inspired about my outlook on life.
But what got me to thinking is what exactly causes me to be so inspired. Well there are quite a few things. Sometimes it’s a character overcoming adversity and going after what they want.

Other times it’s seeing a character being nice to others. 

It can also sometimes be just as simple as seeing my favorite character just be themselves and be happy about it.

I guess that is one of the many reasons why I really love anime. A lot of times it inspires me to do a lot of things. Also sometimes it makes me take a look at myself and like myself better or what to change something I never thought about.

But now I turn the question to all of you. Has anime ever inspired you and if it has why? Also why do you think it inspired you? Comment down below with your answers. I can’t wait to read them!

~Anime Reviewer Girl!

16 comments on “What Inspires You The Most About Anime?

  • This is a deep question. I guess for me, anime would inspire me to appreciate family and friends. Whenever I see an anime character fighting for others rather than themselves, I feel like I should do the same. I feel like I should help people and think about others. I think this one of the inspirations I get from watching anime. I like your answers on what you said.

      • I am not saying cartoons can’t teach anything to children. We got Disney movies that had a lot of meaning besides singing. I feel like certain anime teaches us stuff a little more realistic in a serious manner.

      • Disney can really hit you hard as adult when you sit down and observe the characters. Just look at Simba from The Lion King. He ran away from home because of something he thought he did. He was trying to escape his life and party.

    • Actually, I still hold a little bit of hostility towards anime mainly for the problems that it hold. Remember the term: Fan Service? it is exactly what I detest the most because I goddamn hate sexuality. While anime is busy with that stuff; Disney, at many times, knows what’s right and what’s wrong. And that’s why there are only certain anime that will have my acclaim and some, well, temporally not because of certain reasons. Nevertheless there are still certain titles that stand with high merits.

      I hope that all of anime’s problems will be solved. Colorful to look at or not, it’s sins are ot’s biggest problems.

      • Yeah fan service is definitely something that a lot of people don’t exactly like about anime but hopefully that will change. I don’t mind it too much when it makes sense.

  • Anime definitely inspires me to stand up for what I believe is right, to challenge what I think is wrong, and to be a better friend. I think a lot of anime really focus on that last factor: friendship. And I deeply appreciate learning about friendship, because it’s such an important part of life.

  • After an anime has passed my test of relevance, I shall look into the elements that inspire me, mostly are the positive messages and good role models, and not always necessarily the colorful visuals in the show or the plot.

  • Hmm, a touchy subject. For me, I think the most inspiring aspect about anime is that the will to change oneself or the world is not only quite possible, but usually within grasp — All you have to do is try. It’s possible to overcome difficulty, or to move on from previous events, and anime really likes stressing that “starting anew” thing. Interesting topic!

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