Experiencing Anime With Non-Anime Fans!

Published May 21, 2016 by Shay Taree

Yay for Saturday’s which means time for a new video! It’s a discussion on experiencing anime with non-anime fans and how you can share anime with others. So check out my video on how I shared anime with my friends and family and also share your experiences as well!

Enjoy & don’t forget to subscribe!

~Anime Reviewer Girl!

2 comments on “Experiencing Anime With Non-Anime Fans!

  • I took my mom with me to my first anime convention in 2013 (SuperCon in Miami). She realized I’m not the only anime fanatic around and how many people take cosplay seriously. She understands how awesome it is now…kinda XD

    Wish I could’ve taken my dad too but he’s too stubborn to go to stuff like that. I did get them to watch the first episode of Attack On Titan and they had a strong reaction…probably should’ve chosen something a little more tame.

    As for friends, I just throw them into a badass anime right off the bat and let them figure stuff out on their own.

    • Yeah my mom now understands why I like it too. Now my friends I tend to choose things that are light hearted or similar to things they already like.

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