What Anime Calms You Down?

Published June 8, 2016 by Shay Taree

Hey everyone so I have a new video for today. I decided to do this video after having a tough few days. I decided to make a video on the anime that calms me down. Check it or and let me know what yours are. Enjoy!

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~Anime Reviewer Girl!


2 comments on “What Anime Calms You Down?

  • I saw your video this morning and I am sorry that you went through this.

    For this discussion, the anime that makes me calm down are usually One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach, or the Big 3. They each have moments where something gets in the way of the main characters and they conquer it at the end. Watching the characters Naruto, Luffy and Ichigo win is always the best part of the anime. When they lose however, it reminds that even the strongest characters have their losses too. Some people may complain about fillers but there are some good funny ones that help relieve the tension of the story. For example, one of my favorite fillers in Naruto is when he and his friends try to find out what’s under Kakashi’s mask and the episode is down right funny.

    Even though this is just parody, I watch the TeamFourStar DragonBall Z Abridged Series. I enjoy watching the characters point out the obvious and act really dumb based on their character.

    Anyway, great discussion! You make us feel happy with your discussion and videos. 🙂

  • Let’s see . . . A Lull in the Sea is pretty calming. I also like Negima!?, Yamada’s First Time, the Devil is a Part-Timer, Girls und Panzer, and anything Railgun for when stress is high. I’ll have to watch your video!

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