First Anime You Cried On?

Published June 18, 2016 by Shay Taree

Hey everyone! Check out my new anime discussion on the first anime you cried on! Check out my own answer and enjoy!

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12 comments on “First Anime You Cried On?

  • First anime that made me cry was Sailor Moon, the episode where Nephrite dies. That kind of broke my heart just a little bit.
    As an adult, Angel Beats. Get’s me every single time.

  • The first anime I cried on was One Piece. If I’m not mistaken, I cried during Nami’s flashback of her mum’s death. I think pretty much everyone with a heart cried on Angel Beats and Anohana xD Those two shows give so much emotion to us viewers!

  • I don’t usually cry when watching anime, but one that did was Little Busters (I was 12 at the time) and it was during the Haruka chapter where she was saying how her sister was always praised and she was always getting told of and abused.

  • The first time I ever cried while watching anime was during Mobile Suit Gundam episode 28, Tragedy in Jaburo. I would rush home from school everyday to watch Mobile Suit Gundam on Toonami, and one afternoon that episode came on, and it was so sad! Lieutenant Matilda Ajan of the Earth Federation Forces was killed. The entire White Base crew was in tears, but the main character, Amuro Ray, took it really hard because he had a crush on her. People die constantly in Gundam shows, but the way the characters reacted to Matilda’s death and the background music that was used really affected me. Gundam has always been my absolute favorite anime franchise, and there are very few shows that can cause me to have an emotional response the way that it can. I also really love anime that’s about the strength of friendship and that bond.

  • Excellent topic. If I had to choose, I will pick three: Pokemon the First Movie, Clannad, and One Piece.

    Pokemon the First Movie hit me hard as kid. Just seeing the Pokemon crying for Ash was hard to watch. Clannad, definitelty made me cry a river in the first years of college. I am not going to spoil the series but it was an emotional ride; After Story really impacted me. One Piece made me cry for the Going Merry funeral, the ship. This was the first time I cried for a ship and it was more than that, it was a crewmember and a home. Hearing it talk during the funeral shattered my heart.

    These are just a few choices I have for you.

  • First anime that makes me drop my tears was To Heart Remember My Memories. Not because it is a sad anime but I simply shared the happiness of the main female protagonist, Kamigishi Akari in the ending. The same applies when I finished the game on Akari’s arc but more tears were flowing because it feels more dramatic.

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