Your Anime Character Best Friend?

Published June 25, 2016 by Shay Taree

So we all have a best friend of a group of best friends but have you ever thought about who could be your anime best friends! Check out my new video where I discuss this topic and let me know who yours are.

~Anime Reviewer Girl


2 comments on “Your Anime Character Best Friend?

  • Nice video 🙂 !
    If I could be friends with any anime character, I would choose either Kirito or Sinon. They both like video games. It would be fun to play against them. If I’m playing Call of Duty, I definitely want Sinon on my team. She knows how to snipe.

  • First of all,love your hair! Second of all my anime bestie would probably be,Hatsune Miku or Sora Naegino. I say Miku because she is so much like the majority of my friends. An extravert that loves pop music,and since she sings the kind of pop I enjoy(J pop),I feel we could bond over music.
    And I say Sora because I’m already so much like her. A little shy,but outgoing with the people she knows,and a bit over reactive. But,she is a go getter so I feel she might rub some of that off on me so that I can boost my confidence,and she is really cute.

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