Death Note Live Action Excitement!

Published July 7, 2016 by Shay Taree

As many of you know a new Death Note live action movie is being made and at first like many of you I was quite skeptical about how this was going to turn out. 
But after reading a little bit more about it in now more excited about how this is going to turn out. 

This live action is not going to be seen in theaters and is actually going to be released on Netflix which is kind of a plus since I can watch it from the comfort of my own home. 

Also another thing is that the director of this movie is taking a different approach to the Death Note series and is going to Americanize it a little bit more which has me intrigued. 

Since there new details have emerged I’m now more excited about this live action and can’t wait for it to be released. But how about everyone else? What do you think about this live action? After the new details that have emerged are you now excited like me or are you still skeptical? Comment down below and let me know!

~Anime Reviewer Girl!


6 comments on “Death Note Live Action Excitement!

  • This is a really interesting take. At first I was kinda worried on what they said about “Americanizing” Death Note. But after looking into and since you mentioned that the director was going to do it differently, I am actually interested now. I guess I should start getting Netflix now lol.

  • It would be kind of nice to take the Death Note concept and rather than try and retell it again actually write something that felt a bit different. It will probably tick off a lot of the fans who are obsessed with Light and L but I actually just love the concept of the show so a new approach might be fun.

    • I agree. I find this idea very interesting but I can see how this will make the hardcore Light and L fans cringe. Since this will be an American version, it may take some people to get used to. I want to see how will they do it.

  • Americanize it! No please don’t! It’s fine the way it is! If they “Americanize” it then won’t that conflict with the fact that it’s set in Japan? I think L brings enough Americanization into it. So yeah. Plus there’s also like,you know how movies based on books are super inacuret? What if this is the same way? I’m kinda glad it won’t be in the theaters. Then I can be spared the humiliation of seeing commercials for it,and seeing that it’s in the cheap theaters.

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