Anime Or Manga? The Great Debate!

Published July 20, 2016 by Shay Taree

Alright everyone so I have a new video where I’m discussing which is better anime or manga! Check it out and please enjoy! 

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~Anime Reviewer Girl! 

5 comments on “Anime Or Manga? The Great Debate!

  • After seeing this video, here is my in put:

    I like both anime and manga. I grew up watching anime but I got into manga in the sixth grade. My first manga was the classic Yu-Gi-Oh!. I like manga because of the creator’s work and own details are right there for you. However, I like anime because you get to see the animation move and hear the character’s voices. I agree with what you said about subbed anime, you are pretty much reading and watching an animated manga XD. I do notice that anime tends to be slightly different than manga especially when you watch One Piece or Rurouni Kenshin.

    Overall, I love the video and discussion.

  • I actually started reading manga and watching anime at the same time. I’ve always read American comics, and I started reading manga scanlations online as a kid.

    I recently posted my review of Zetman the anime, which in no way compares to the manga version. When it comes to anime titles like Zetman, Blue Exorcist, Blood Lad, Blade of the Immortal, and Gantz, if you were a fan of the manga prior to watching the anime adaptation you’re going to be pissed. If you didn’t read the mangas, you’ll have no clue of how these animation studios failed you. Not only do these animes not have enough episodes, they depart drastically from the manga. If the anime version is going to be extremely different from the manga, or lacks enough episodes to develop the characters properly or tell the story completely and/or accurately, what’s the point of even making the anime? Well, money, I would assume.

    Usually I prefer reading manga to watching the anime, because I can really get to know and love the characters. If the manga was released prior to the anime, my preference depends on how well the anime was adapted from the manga. When it comes to animes like Berserk and Cromartie High School, the anime versions stayed true to manga. As a fan of both, I was very happy about that.

  • I don’t really like reading manga to be honest. There is a reason though. Mainly because of the waiting time. Just one chapter per month makes the story progress feels so slow. I understand it is not easy to make (a good quality) manga, even though it is just one chapter. But I simply can’t enjoy the story if the waiting time is too long.
    On anime side, we got new episode every weeks. At least the waiting time is much shorter. Not to mention that one episode might contain 2-4 chapters from a manga, depends on the anime and if the anime is adapted from manga. Of course, other than waiting time, there are some other aspects that captured my interest. Animation, Music, Theme Song, and don’t forget the voice acting. All of them is something that you can’t get from manga. Good manga story can be a Great anime story when paired with great animation, music, theme song, and voice acting. It will give you deeper impression of each scene, atmosphere, and the feelings of each characters.
    It’s quite often too the ending of an anime is not clear if the anime were adapted from manga and the manga is not even finished. It is just unfortunate.

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