4 comments on “An Anime a Themed Wedding?!

  • Great video discussion Shay. Thanks for choosing my topic, even though it was a silly discussion, I felt like asking.

    If I had an anime themed wedding/birthday, I would like to try a combination Tokyo Ghoul and a Tim Burton’s theme wedding. Everyone would wear dull or negative colors like Black and everything would appear creepy and bizarre. I would want to dress up in a suit like Jack Skellington or Edward Scizzorhands. The cake was would be a red velvet chocolate cake.

    This is my response. 🙂

  • While I have had an anime themed birthday, I’m not a big fan of themed weddings in general. It just seems a little too contrived and really the special part is getting married so I really don’t see the need for a theme, though I get that other people want to do something extra.

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