Omg The Bleach Manga Is Over!!!

Published August 27, 2016 by Shay Taree

Hey everyone!!! Check out my new video where I discuss the ending of the Bleach Manga! Sorry but there are some spoilers! Enjoy & please subscribe!

~Anime Reviewer Girl! 

3 comments on “Omg The Bleach Manga Is Over!!!

  • Great video Shay.
    After finally reading the last chapter, I was satisfied to see the conclusion of Bleach. However, like you said before, I felt like the author Tite Kubo has poor pacing in the manga. I remember reading the manga and he a while for the story to progress. Furthermore, when he was about to conclude the story, I felt he just rushed it. I was a little disappointed on the shipping in the beginning but I let it go.
    I wonder if he will eventually do what they did to Naruto and fill in the blanks. I’m curious about the film. It should be interesting.

  • Glad it finally ended, now I have some closure. I agree that the ending was a bit rushed though. Would’ve been nice if he explored the ending a little more. Plus, there are still a few things left unexplained…like say what is up with Kenpachi’s bankai?…

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