Anime & Reality!!!

Published September 13, 2016 by Shay Taree

So this is something that just came into my mind and its wondering if there has ever been a time when a situation or conclusion in an anime influenced your own reality. 

What I pretty much mean is has a situation in an anime helped you in your own life. Like did it help you make a particular decision or did it give you insight to a particular situation you were in. 

I can say that for me that this has definitely happened to me where I connected so much to an anime or situation due to it being something that I had gone through. Anime has a strange way of helping you sometimes or even helping you to realize how you want to be. 

But comment down below if this has ever happened to you. I can’t wait to read your comments!

~Anime Reviewer Girl! 


2 comments on “Anime & Reality!!!

  • I think this is already said or clitche but I am going to say Clannad: After Story. I felt like After Story taught me how to deal with life when he gets me down.

    Another anime I would also like to add is One Piece. Kind of like Naruto, One Piece did show me the destruction of war and powers. War is violent thing of humanity and it’s scary to see each other killing each for a specific goal. I don’t want to spoil but the Marineford left some scars in my heart.

  • Anime has almost assuredly influenced my reality. It’s difficult to look at any one instance in particular, where you can say anime was the direct reason for an action of mine, but it has definitely influenced me.

    When Gohan fought Cell, it was one of the most inspirational things I had ever seen. Gohan had been training with the rest of the Z fighters for quite a long time. He had shown flashes of brilliance, but never really tapped into his full potential and sustained it. When he fought Cell, all of his hard work and potential had finally come to fruition. He didn’t have to rely on anyone to save him anymore, as he had finally become the unshakable force he was always capable of being. He had no choice but to become as strong as he did, in order to match Cell. Sometimes we’re thrown into situations that demand us to become better than we are. Gohan thrived in this situation, which was truly motivational.

    I could also talk about similar situations in Yu Yu Hakusho, but I’ll single out Yusuke’s ability to not care about what anybody thinks. He says what’s on his mind and I’ve always liked that. Sometimes, people think he’s stupid or they get offended by what he says, but he doesn’t care enough to stop being who he is. People love him for it. So do I, as he taught me an invaluable lesson at an early age.

    Often, when I’m lifting weights, I’ll put on Rurouni Kenshin. I usually play the episodes where Kenshin and company are fighting Shishio. The drama, combined with the soundtrack, really fuels me with energy. This is the main event that all of their lives have been leading up to. The fate of the entire country depends on this fight and both sides show tremendous will to not be outdone by the other. Kenshin and Shishio’s ideologies could not be more different, but both have their merits and weaknesses. Additionally, Kenshin was fighting with almost nothing in the tank and his friends were fighting with almost no hope of winning. Shishio was fighting in a manner beyond what his body was body was capable of as well. This narrative, combined with the imaginative fantasy that only animation can really hold, made for one of the most special things I’ve ever seen.

    The shear will and determination that is present throughout this fight is mind-boggling. When I’m lifting, while Rurouni Kenshin is on, I adopt these feelings and likely perform at a higher level than I otherwise would have. The show gets my mind in the right place for what I’m doing.

    I’ll briefly end with Naoki Urasawa’s Monster. The show had its flaws, but the dialogue between Tenma and the various characters he encountered was often very thought provoking. It’s one of my favorite animes for that, as meaningful thought is really what shapes us as people.

    Most animes have elements of fantasy within them. Fantasy that you could never attain through live-action shows or movies. Fantasy that makes you think outside the realm of what you already know. When you connect with an anime, you’re also connecting with creative thought. That’s something that can translate well into real life.

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