If Anime Characters Were Teachers?!

Published September 28, 2016 by Shay Taree

Hey everyone!!! Check out my my new video where I discuss what it would be like if anime characters were teachers! Enjoy & please subscribe!!! 

~Anime Reviewer Girl!


One comment on “If Anime Characters Were Teachers?!

  • Hey, great video! To expand on what I said on YouTube, I also have other characters to chose for the subjects. Since I already mentioned PE and Science, here is some other choice I have.
    For music class, if I did take it, I want Yusuke Yoshino from Clannad. With his past of being a rock star, he can help me learn to how to make music and help people. For English Writing, I want to be taught by Jiraiya. Since he is an author, it would be awesome to learn from the best. No, I don’t want to write like him and be pervy XD. For math, I pick Moka Akashiya, she has good handwriting in notes and she can help me in math. Last but not least, I pick Nico Robin from One Piece for history. She is an archeologist that loves read about history and she can teach me about history, only if the government doesn’t try to get in the way. XD

    Sorry for the long comment.

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