2 comments on “Parents First Reaction To Anime! Story Time!!!

  • One time, I was watching an animated movie called, “5 Centimeters Per Second”, and I was with me, my sister, and my brother at the time (where my brother also watches anime but my sister doesn’t). So, one time I was watching 5 Centimeters Per Second in English, and my parents blatantly told me,”these sounds like a bunch of little kids talking to each other” (even though the two characters were little kids in the beginning of the movie), and then I put the movie into Japanese dubbed and in English subs, and they were dead silent throughout the whole movie. Priceless.

  • My parents when I first got into anime thought they were just cartoons I enjoyed. I grew watching cartoons and every time they see me watch Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon, they assume it was cartoons. As I got older and told them that anime was different than cartoons, they just said “meh”. My parents are usually chilled when they see me interested in anime but my dad is more strict. If he sees a cover of a girl or something revealing, he thinks it’s close to pornography.

    My grandma took to me Comic Con 2015 and when she saw the anime cosplayers, she thought it was awesome. We took pictures of a cosplayer who dressed up as SSGSS (or Super Saiyan Blue) Goku.

    Overall, my parents are chilled and they support me in my interest.

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