5 Positive Influences Of Anime!!!

Published December 1, 2016 by Shay Taree

Hey everyone!!! Check out my new video where I talk about the positive influences of anime that it has had on my life. Enjoy & please subscribe! 

~Anime Reviewer Girl! 

2 comments on “5 Positive Influences Of Anime!!!

  • Excellent topic. I may have to think of my top 5 later but mine is somewhat similar to yours. I like to think that the anime I enjoy can be my escape from reality. I sometimes just want to take a breather and have some alone time. I like spending time with my family but sometimes I want me time. Anyway, I like your choices. If it’s possible, I would definitely recommend doing a negative influences. The best way to understand anime and fans is sometimes knowing the dark side of things and observing from a different perspective.

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