6 comments on “Top 5 Kick Ass Female Anime Characters!

  • I enjoy the your top 5 lists. As always, you have great taste! 🙂
    I will probably come back and do my own but I want to add Yoruichi from Bleach. She is an awesome fighter talent and the art of speed.

  • Thank you for including Sango from Inuyasha. She is one of favorite female characters. She is strong mentally and physically, and yet she is sometimes overshadowed by Kagome (who really can be useless at times).

    My number one kick ass female who have to be Asuna from Sword Art Online. She is one of the strongest people in the gaming world, including males. Plus, she is extremely strong willed and determined.

  • Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood has some of the best written, strong female characters I have ever seen in anime. Major General Olivier Mira Armstrong and Izumi Curtis (aka: “Teacher”) are some of best, toughest female characters of all time.
    Nice post. 🙂

  • Amazing list Shay, so here is mine because why the hell not.


    My number 5 is Esdeath from Akame Ga Kill because she is a incredibly awesome character and a great villain, she’s a incredibly dangerous and a equally powerful woman who could of brought down the empire she served to its knees but she didn’t, she commanded a great deal of respect from her allies, some through fear while others pure skill and while she might be a bit messed up in the head due to her upbringing….I genuinely love her to bits, mostly because of the chat Tatsumi and Esdeath where she said she would protect him, then hugged and then used him as a body pillow.

    My number 4 is Misaki Ayuzawa from the romance anime Kaicho Wa Maid Sama, while she might not have badass ice throwing powers Misaki kicks major ass because she takes no crap especially when it comes to Usui Takumi who is the love interest but anyway she works hard at the maid cafĂ© trying to support her mother and sister and she works hard at being the school president…this is what makes her awesome because she is completely normal and well written.


    My number 3 is Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail because she is a truly amazing character, she is a calm, smart and extremely tough woman and she doesn’t take crap from anyone not even her warped counterpart, she always puts others before herself and she never gives up and hell the only time she did was when she got straight up tortured but at the same time she carries a lot of pain which hopefully Jellal will fix >_>

    My number 2 is Satellizer L Bridget from Freezing because she is one of my favourite characters by far, she is a incredibly strong character, both physically and mentally and has survived some horrific things, she was mentally, physically and later sexually abused by her younger step brother (who is a complete asshole) which gave her a phobia of people touching her making her snap and violently attack them but she is a really kind, good hearted person underneath her at first frosty demeanour and she is rather adorable especially in her duvet like a cocoon.

    And my number one is Rebecca Lee aka Revy from Black Lagoon because she is the epitome of the saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” but in her case it messes you up for life, she has gone through every conceivable hell possible and survived but becoming warped and rather twisted in the process….she’s sarcastic, rather cold, loud, psychotically humoured, extremely rude and extremely and I really do mean EXTREMELY ill-tempered and would kill anyone who got in her way but on the flip side there is some good left in her, its buried under a lot of pain and suffering but its there and that is my top 5 🙂

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