Can An Anime Fan Be Too Obsessed?

Published December 10, 2016 by Shay Taree

Hey everyone! I have a new video where I discuss if an anime fan can be too obsessed. I also talk about an MTV True Life episode that had 2 anime fans as the main people. So enjoy & please subscribe! 

~Anime Reviewer Girl

4 comments on “Can An Anime Fan Be Too Obsessed?

  • I kind of have to think about this too because an anime fan, I am willing to support my love for anime but not too the point where it’s too much. It’s okay to have it as a hobby or passion but if people are going to treat it like a religion, it may backfire and hurt themselves. For example, I like wearing anime t-shirts but I don’t usually wear one at church.

  • T_o I don’t know how to feel about it.
    In my head telling someone who likes to dress like an anime character not to do it because it’s wired/makes others in a group look bad is like going up to a goth,rocker, lolita fashion fan or a transvestite/cross dresser and saying “Can you not dress the way that make you feel you, it makes me feel uncomfortable.”

    long as they are not practically naked I don’t really see the problem.

    ^_^ Cool punk safety pin on the ear (I did not know you were into punk rock).

    • Yeah in some ways I don’t see a problem with it but it was just something that had me wondering. Haha I do like some punk rock but the thing on my earring is a tool I use at work so I keep it there so I don’t lose it haha.

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