Fanime Con: My Very First Vlog!

Published June 7, 2017 by Shay Taree

Hey everyone! So here is my very first vlog that I took while at the anime convention Fanime. It was supposed to be a vlog but it kind of isn’t but I hope you all enjoy it anyone. I definitely will try and vlog more hopefully haha! But for now like always subscribe if you enjoy my content and are entertained! 

~Shay Taree


3 comments on “Fanime Con: My Very First Vlog!

  • The pop pirate game reminds me from the YuGiOh! classic manga because Yugi did play this game in the first volume. I saw Shizuo around the 10:00 minutes mark on the video. The concert with Pheonix Ash was awesome. Did they play any songs for an anime?

  • Very nice vlog for your first try at it! It must be so wierd talking to the camera with all those people around right? XD

    Pop up pirate is great! Its like a British classic! We used to play that game as kids, its gotta be more than 20 years old 😀

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