Kiki Delivery Service Returns With Small Animated Short! 

Published June 20, 2017 by Shay Taree

So I’m sure many of you saw the video that was on Twitter of the Kiki’s delivery service characters much older in a 30 second clip. Here is the link: Kiki Delivery Service Animated Short
Well I had the chance to check it out and I throughly loved it but then was disappointed to realize it was for an ad campaign for the cup noodles maker Nissin’s. It definitely makes me wish that not only was longer but also if this can be turned into either a series or another movie. 
The only complaint that I have is with the animation and not all of it but some of it. I loved the look of Tombo in this animation but for some reason Kiki just looked weird to me. Let me know if any of you felt the same.

But overall what did y’all think of this short? Did you enjoy it? Do you wish it was longer? Do you wish it could be turned into a series? Comment down below and let me know. 

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~Shay Taree 


4 comments on “Kiki Delivery Service Returns With Small Animated Short! 

  • It’s always so cool when beloved films get glow-ups that are simply drop dead gorgeous and as enchanting as this one. But you’re right, if only it were NOT just an advertisement. ;_; I would totally flip if more was ever made, or perhaps if they tackled other Ghibli titles like my faves Castle in the Sky or Ponyo!

  • It could be possible if decide to go with the plan. I would be happy if it came back as a series and focused on her older, but I also agree that this animation was okay. I am used to the old animation. This animation could have looked like if the anime wanted to be like Your.Name.

  • I felt weird about it. The movie concluded in a very satisfying way, and trying to add something else to it would just feel off. At the same time, it would be pretty cool to see various chapters from the novels come to life in animated magic.
    Has studio Ghibli always let companies borrow their properties to make commercials, or do you suppose this was an add based on the books using the author’s permission instead?

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