Practicing What You Preach!!!

Published August 21, 2017 by Shay Taree

For this weeks motivational Monday video I decided to choose the topic of practicing what you preach. I decided on this topic because I think its important for me to explain that I’m not perfect either and a lot of the things that I talk about are things that I’m still struggling with and also wanting to improve about myself. So check out my video and also feel free to comment below any topics you would like me to discuss or leave a comment about anything that you like. Enjoy & of course please subscribe!

~Shay Taree


2 comments on “Practicing What You Preach!!!

  • I really love how you model this lesson with your example of self-doubt. You come across as very confident in your videos, and you have a gift for speaking in front of a camera, but you still struggle with an issue that your talent indicates you don’t necessarily have a problem with. That’s how it is sometimes – our struggles are readily seen, and because of that, others might feel that we aren’t having a hard time, but we all struggle. And yet, you continue to move forward and develop your craft – something we all should be doing in all facets of life as we try to live up to the standards we’ve set for ourselves.

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