Mobile Gaming Vs Console Gaming! 

Published September 20, 2017 by Shay Taree

So I was asked which one I preferred mobile video games or console gaming. So I decided to discuss which one I liked better and why and also what I think the industry may be doing overall. So check out the video and of course subscribe if you haven’t already. Plus remember that I come out with new videos every Monday, Wednesday, & Saturday!!!

~Shay Taree

3 comments on “Mobile Gaming Vs Console Gaming! 

  • Me personally I have to say I’m a console or PC gamer. I prefer to play games with a controller, and the larger screen helps considering I don’t have an HDMI cable for my cell phone. I’ll play some games on my phone but I definitely have to side with console on this debate.

  • I’d say console gaming all the way I love controllers when I’m gaming and if I was playing a horror game on my phone I’d end up tossing my phone because of a jump scare. I for some reason don’t do that with controllers.

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